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20060707 - Fri., July 7, 2006: Playlists: M3U | RAM (Individual MP3: Click Here)
MCP: I would like to think I have had a lot of good programs, with a lot of good guests, but I just want to say this may be the most important program that I have done since coming forward with RBN. The reason why I say that is because we are going to have some real news here tonight. Some very disturbing news. It is news that taken alone tells us without any question that the whole 9-11 story, the official story given to us by this entity which is supposed to be "our government," this story about 9-11 is an absolute downright bald faced lie. We have two guests tonight. One that you are very, very familiar with is Christopher Bollyn. My colleague from American Free Press very intelligently and very efficiently sat in for me during my absence while I was in Malaysia...We will be joined by a gentleman named Samuel Danner.
Christopher Bollyn: I just spoke to his wife at his house in Maryland, and he is not feeling well. He has been out of touch all day. He has been undergoing chemo therapy for his lymphoma. His blood cancer. He might be able to join us at some point in the show. I told them that if there is anything that he can do, please call in...
MCP: I said earlier today to you that even if Mr. Danner cannot come on board, you can tell his story, and I am sure he appreciates your taking your time to do that. Especially when sad to say it is very, very likely that his health problems that you just mentioned stem directly from what happened to him on 9-11. This is what we are going to be talking about. We will really pick it up after the break, Christopher. I want to emphasize there are so many things that have happened. Independent research has been done on 9-11. I have to say you have been in the inner circle of the real leaders of the 9-11 Truth Movement. You have brought out a wide variety of stories on a wide variety of things related to the lies of 9-11. While there has been a lot of speculation, there have been very few people who have come forward as first hand witnesses. Now William Rodriguez has told us about the explosions that happened in the basement of the North Tower of the World Trade Center before the plane hit the tower. That story alone stands as proof that the whole 9-11 story is a lie. Now the story of Samuel Danner, was it not?
CB: Yes, Samuel Danner. He was at the Pentagon.
MCP: He was at the Pentagon. So we have a first hand account from William Rodriguez that puts a lie to the 9-11 story, and now we have the story of Samuel Danner that you are going to outline for us having spoken with him over the last few days, is that not correct?
CB: That is correct.
MCP: Back from the break: We have here the person I consider the best journalist in America, not because I consider him a personal friend, not just because he happens to write for American Free Press, but because he is. I wish I had the capacity to dig out and put together the stories he does. That is Christopher Bollyn. Christopher is going to tell us and on behalf of Samuel Danner the remarkable story...this story completely puts a lie to the government version of 9-11...
CB: The thing about 9-11, the safety and peace of this country desperate require that eyewitnesses come forward and tell us what they know. Sam Danner was in my opinion a true American hero, because he has finally come out and he was at the Pentagon that day, he saw the plane as it struck the Pentagon, he was involved in the cleanup at the lawn of the Pentagon, he went up to the crash site and he stood two feet away from the smoking engine which that airplane had on its tail.
MCP: Chris, I wanted to interrupt now because I know there are some listeners who are going to say, wait a minute, no plane struck the Pentagon. They will say no this or no that. The point is that what Sam Danner saw strike the Pentagon and what he determined for himself was that the official version of the flight, that plane did not hit the Pentagon. Another plane did. That is what you are going to relate.
CB: He said clearly it was not a Boeing 757. No way. That is a big bogus lie. And that is because he is a pilot. He has been flying since he was 16 years old. He is now 53 years old. And after being exposed to what I think is depleted uranium at the Pentagon, it was obviously a very contaminated site, he went there as an EMT, and Emergency Medical [Technician] person, he happened to be passing the Pentagon on highway 395. He stopped when he saw something in the sky. And people were looking at it. And he pulled over. And he got a good look, and he saw this small plane that he described as a humpback whale.
MCP: We should point out Christopher the chronology. The incident at the Pentagon took place at roughly...
CB: At 9:30. Sometime after I think it was about 9:35.
MCP: This was already well after the incidents in New York had already attracted the attention of the world.
CB: He was an electrical engineer working for Amtrak with the rail yard by the Capitol. And when all hell broke loose in New York he decided to head home to western Maryland by Camp David. He made a wrong turn on 395 south which goes around the south end of the Pentagon which is part of the loop there.
MCP: The south end of the Pentagon, that is where the site was.
CB: [12:00 into the show] The aircraft that he described that struck the Pentagon he said looked like the size of a Gulf Stream 300. He knows planes. But it wasn't. It had a bonanza tail, like a V-tail.
MCP: I do not know how large a Gulf Stream plane is in comparison with one of these Boeings that was alleged to have hit the Pentagon. What is the size difference there?
CB: A Gulf Stream 300 has a wing span of about a hundred feet. Global Hawk --what we think struck the Pentagon-- is an unmanned aerial vehicle.
MCP: And that is a government entity.
CB: It was made for the Air Force. There were only about seven of them made at the time of 9-11. Two of them went missing. And one went missing on 9-11. They are based out of an Air Force base in Ohio. That is the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base which had command of these vehicles. The Global Hawk has a 116 foot wing span and is 144 feet long. There is another variation a little bit larger. But it has a very strange shape, much like a hunch-back whale. It has a big hump on the nose, a bulbous nose like a 747 had, and it has a single engine at the rear of the plane right in front of that V-tail. And that is a three or four foot in diameter engine made by Rolls Royce. And that is exactly what he saw. He went up to the Pentagon and he saw this jet engine that had been on the vehicle and it was about three feet in diameter.
MCP: Right there everything you have told us just now casts a complete contradiction to what we were told about a passenger jet full of people being rammed into the Pentagon by an Arab highjacker.
CB: Precisely Mike. What is very important about this is what Sam Danner tells us makes all those people who said they saw an American Airlines jet with "American Airlines" written on it fly into the Pentagon makes them liars.
MCP: Actually I would disagree with you there Chris. I would say this much. There are those who probably saw the plane -- this aircraft-- slam into the Pentagon. And many of those people would not know one plane from another. A fast moving vehicle for the average person who does not know planes would probably look just about like any other plane.
CB: Right, but when an eyewitness says they saw a 757, it was definitely a 757, and had "American" written on the side of it, when that is not what anyone else saw...
[at 14:49] MCP: You are right about that. There are people who gave specific descriptions. I point out that I have had people tell me they remember watching the Zapruder film of the Kennedy assassination showed on television on Nov 22, 1963 when in fact it was not shown on television until 1975. These people are well-meaning and a lot of times people will crank in information they have got after the fact. But I would say there are definitely many people who did lie about what they saw.
MCP: No doubt about it, I had no reason to doubt Mr. Danner's word. Actually there were people in the Washington area who reported that it was a helicopter that hit the Pentagon. So obviously whoever started that story knew that it was not exactly a kind of passenger plane.
CB: Danner saw a second plane. At about 15,000 feet directly overhead. And he wonders whether that plane was controlling this UAV. This unmanned aerial vehicle. He pulled over on the side of 395 on the very south end of the Pentagon and he watched the plane coming in. The approach to the plane. And I asked him. Did it have a bonanza tail? A bulbous nose? He said it was about the size of one of those Gulf Stream passenger planes that are like corporate jets. And he said that it was very quiet. He said that the engine was very quiet.
MCP: Even the fact it had a bulbous nose could have been misidentified by somebody else as a helicopter. Because helicopters could be described as having a bulbous nose compared to a typical jet.
CB: This plane was going about 400 miles an hour. He estimates. And that is actually the speed at which a Global Hawk can fly. The reason why the Global Hawk is the most likely suspect -- I have always suspected it as the most likely culprit at the Pentagon-- is that it is the only UAV that is jet-powered. It is the only one that can reach those speeds of 400 miles an hour. The Predator, for example, can only go about 150 or 200 miles per hour. And this thing was going very fast. The point at where it was at the level of the grass, just before it hit the Pentagon, this UAV must have been weaponized. It must have been carrying a missile that pierced the Pentagon and caused that hole that went through three rings.
MCP: That is very important. Why do you say that it must have been weaponized.
CB: Because the Global Hawk is aluminum, the fuselage is aluminum, but the wings are made out of carbon fiber, and this vehicle, this UAV, if it hit the Pentagon, it would have just self-destructed and not penetrated that wall. Because the outside wall of the Pentagon remember is twenty four inches thick. Ten inches of Indiana limestone on the outside, another ten inches of masonry, with another ten inches of concrete. So in order to pierce that wall, you need to be able to bust through it. The only thing that is capable of busting through it is like a DU-tipped missile.
MCP: Right, that sounds fair enough to me. I wanted to emphasize that obviously this kind of airborne vehicle is not the size of the jet that was supposed to hit the Pentagon. The way this happened he was basically on his way home in this area in the midst of a 9-11 frenzy, and I was here that day and saw the people streaming out of town trying to get the hell out of this place with good reason. Since he had emergency medical technician training he went to the scene at the Pentagon and started providing assistance.
CB: That is what he wanted to do. Precisely. He left his car. He went over there to the crash site. He wanted to help retrieve the bodies and help the wounded. But he was completely mystified that there were no bodies, there was no wreckage, and there was no smell of gunpowder. He walked around and he smelled cordite. And he probably smelled some other stuff that caused him to get lymphoma. He got some depleted uranium.
[23: 35] MCP: Back with a real story that everyone needs to hear...Sam Danner is a pilot, knows a few things about planes...Christopher getting back to where we were, after the plane hit the Pentagon, Mr. Danner went to the scene and found no wreckage from a Boeing aircraft on the scene.
CB: Right, and he said that there were people out there on the lawn before the aircraft hit. And there were these guys in white suits. He figures they were like agency people. Or Pentagon people. They have binoculars. He was on the right side of 395 and he got a good look at that vehicle, that UAV, that struck the Pentagon. He got about a three second view of it coming on. It was coming from the south in his direction. He discerned it has a V-tail. That right there tells you it was not a Boeing 757. And it was also very important he said he did not see any windows on it. He saw the bulbous nose. He saw a plane that looked like a hump back whale. About the size of a Gulf Stream. A very quiet plane. With a V-tail. And it had one engine on the back end. This is the Global Hawk. I urge your listeners to go to the Internet, there is a lot more about the Global Hawk now than there used to be. Just type in the word Global Hawk and you will get a good view of what this vehicle looks like. And this is the only plane that looks like a humpback whale.
MCP: What is interesting is that there was no wreckage from a 757.
CB: Well he was on the lawn looking for wreckage. He wound up being one of these people who were scouring the lawn. There was a line of people and they walked through the lawn. And he was picking up small pieces of aluminum. The fuselage of a Global Hawk is made out of aluminum. Standard aluminum. But the wings are made out of this carbon fiber. Sort of like glass fiber. Like the kind you find on a surf board. And he found pieces of that. They were picking up pieces of that. So it is a carbon fiber. It is a very strong, light weight, high strength material. The wings are made out of it.
MCP: ...If it had been a 757, we would not have found that kind of wreckage.
CB: No. He would have found big pieces of aluminum all over the lawn. And he would have found two engines that have a diameter of about nine feet. They found one engine with a diameter of three feet. This is where I have written for years about the Global Hawk hypothesis. My hypothesis is based upon the evidence that we found at the Pentagon. For example, we found the evidence of a very small Rolls Royce engine at three foot diameter. We found that. People asked whether that was part of the APU auxiliary Power Unit, and the people who made that said no, that is not part of the APU.
MCP: You wrote that story for American Free Press.
CB: We put the pictures on the front page.
MCP: Christopher, how did you meet up with Mr. Danner?
CB: I work with Eric Hufschmid, author of Painful Questions. We work quite closely together. He is my colleague so to speak on the West Coast. Mr. Danner wanted to get this information to someone he could trust. So he carefully checked out Eric Hufschmid and gave Eric a call. Eric has recorded two very long conversations with Mr. Danner just the other day. Then I called Mr. Danner and asked him some more questions based upon what Eric said on the audio tape that he has on his web site. And I asked Mr. Danner why did you come out with this now? And he said, "It has been bugging me." And he saw that video "Loose Change" and he said, "You know, it made so much sense to me" and he got so upset with himself that he had not come out with this information earlier. And now you see his health condition is not the best.
[end transcribing at 29:20 although show continued]