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20060523 - Tue., May 23, 2006: Playlists (Individual MP3: Click Here) Special guest: Christoper Bollyn at American Free Press. Topic: Israeli role in 9-11.

Michael Collins Piper (MCP): Ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again. This is Michael Collins Piper coming to you again from Washington here on the Republic Broadcasting Network. I have a very interesting guest standing by. It is someone who has been on this program before. A very popular guest, I might add, on this program and many, many other programs here on the Republic Broadcasting Network...

....Christopher Bollyn was on the fast track in corporate America in Schaumberg, Illinois a few years ago, and he happened to discover my book Final Judgment. He wasn't even a reader of The Spotlight newspaper, but he was interested in the JFK assassination. He tried to put it in the local public library, of which his mother had been a founding member. Would you believe that Zionist pressure from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and other agitators tried to stop him from putting that book in the library. Again, a library that his mother was one of the founders of, folks.

Well, Christopher Bollyn did not like being silenced, and he fought back. Low and behold, that book is now in the Schaumberg library. My little book, Final Judgment. To make a long story short, through his initial contact with The Spotlight newspaper through one of our associates there Jerry Myers, Christopher Bollyn has new emerged, as far as I am concerned, as the star journalist in the independent movement of journalists who are writing about the things that people need to know about. This is whether it is about things going on in the Middle East or what is happening with 9-11, or about the Oklahoma City bombing.

Christopher has written about Venezuela. He has been down there. He has traveled all over the world. And accompanying him in these ventures is his beautiful wife Hellia. I know there are a lot of listeners out there who believe that women are to be seen and not heard. Well, Hellia is a sight to be seen. She is a very beautiful woman. But she is also a very intelligent and articulate woman who has been a real helpful partner to Christopher in his worldwide traveling, and in his investigations. You cannot find a better team anywhere. They also have two absolutely charming and intelligent children.

Christopher Bollyn: You are too kind.

MCP: I am being truthful. You are the best journalist out there. I always tell people I am a hack writer with opinions, but you go out there and dig and dig and get information that nobody else gets. One thing that I have noticed in the last few years is a lot of the articles you have generated, a lot of the information you have come up with, has been circulated all over the world. But people do not give credit where credit is due. In this case it is Christopher Bollyn. You know a lot of people are lazy and like to take credit for things themselves, but you have been the one who has dug out a lot of this information. I already told the callers what we will talk about, and it is very controversial. It is about Israel's role in 9-11, and the emerging evidence that is being kept quiet.

MCP: We will discuss an article he wrote for the American Free Press. That article struck me as being very moderate and very tempered, and yet very powerful. It left me feeling like "My God, what is going on here?" Can give me some details?

Christopher Bollyn: You are referring to the article I wrote about the Simon family and their connections?

MCP: Yes.

Bollyn: Your listeners should understand that 9-11 was done by a very small group of people. Not the 19 Arab hi-jackers, but a very small group of people. And in the aftermath of 9-11, the message of what happened during 9-11 has been very carefully controlled by the media. And as time goes on, we see that the people who are controlling the message who are spinning the government version, is a very small group of people. They have great control of the media, and they have great control of the players. The government and the media.

In the last article I wrote about this woman involved in the 9-11 movement. Her name is Debra Simon, and she has been involved with a lot of the non-mainstream people, like the movie Loose Change which is a cult classic now about 9-11. It turns out that Debra Simon was married into the family of billionaires. The Simon family of Indianapolis. And this is a very Zionist family that owns many of the retail properties in the United States. The shopping malls. And this is the thing. Here we have the relative of a very wealthy Zionist family very much involved in the 9-11 movement. When I spoke with her on the phone, she was very clear she had agreed that the Israeli government was involved. That the evidence was pretty overwhelming. That the Israelis were involved and had prior knowledge of 9-11. But the interesting thing is that the people she works with, the people that she supports and their products do not reflect this belief.

MCP: That is very, very interesting. In other words, she is willing to acknowledge that the evidence is there, but the people surrounding her are sort of playing a game more or less.

Bollyn: Well, right. In a private conversation with me, she acknowledges Israeli involvement. She accepts that. But when she helps produce a video such as Loose Change, the young fellows that produce Loose Change, they say, "We are not going to go into Israeli involvement."

There is a variety of reasons we are not going to talk about it. Their product does not talk about it.

MCP: That is interesting Chris. Because just the other day, Victor Thorn and Lisa Guiliani of Wing published what I thought to be a very devastating list of people in the 9-11 Truth Movement --who are purporting to be leaders in the 9-11 truth movement-- otherwise prominently engaged in publicizing the fact that the whole 9-11 story is not correct. A devastating number of these people just refuse to acknowledge Israeli involvement even though as you say at least in some cases people truly believe it to be the case.

Bollyn: That is the dividing line. In what we call the 9-11 Truth Movement --people who do not accept the official version. Your listeners should be aware that on CNN when they did a poll, on the Anderson Cooper Show a little while ago, 90% of his mainstream viewers do not believe the official version. So the mainstream media is aware that there is a huge population that does not believe the official version. And what we have today --this summer there will be three mainstream movies coming out. One has already come out, United 93. There will be two more. Oliver Stone will come out with a movie. And there will be a movie about Pentagon 9-11. And you remember Oliver Stone, he is working with Paramount Pictures. He is working under Sumner Redstone or [his real Jewish name] Rothstein. And that film and other films are basically looking at 9-11, accepting the government version, and being done completely by Jewish filmmakers with a Zionist bent. So the American public is going to get the interpretation of 9-11 through the Zionist prism.

MCP: Well, I tell you, another thing in your article that actually left me feeling a bit queasy, a little uneasy, a bit unsettled, and that was how you described --and this was something I was totally unaware of until I read it in your article-- you described how someone who was close to the whole 9-11 business explained to you how they were aware that some of the so-called Arab high-jackers had actually been seen meeting with Israeli operatives in a video store? Could you tell us more about that Christopher?

Bollyn: Yes, I can tell you more. That is my good friend William Rodriguez, and he lives in Jersey City. He told me this several times. He has even taken a journalist to that video store about a block away from his house. He told me it was run by a Pakistani fellow. The thing is that William Rodriguez is a survivor of 9-11. He is probably one of the biggest activists working on behalf of the relatives. He was a janitor in the North Tower. He stayed in the building until it collapsed. The thing is that in this video store, these Israeli movers, these Mossad agents that the Forward Magazine later described as Mossad agents, these movers that were arrested while videotaping the collapse of the World Trade Center, would meet there. It was a meeting place where they would meet with some of these so-called Arab terrorists who were later picked up in Texas and who had been identified at the World Trade Center.

MCP: The Arabs that you are talking about Christopher, they were not the alleged high-jackers, these were other ones.

Bollyn: These were other ones. I know that I think it was the ones picked up in Texas later, but they are some of the same Arabs who part of the profile. Part of the scheme, and these men would meet with these Israelis at this Jersey City location, this video store. It is something he does not talk about in public. When Mr. Rodriguez speaks, he does not go into the Israeli question, because I understand he has a public role and he is trying to represent all the relatives. He told me he can't about this because he can't offend the Jewish families. But I asked him, "What about the American families?" The blame is being put upon the U.S. Government that they somehow perpetrated this terrible crime. And Americans go to bed every night questioning whether the United States Government was involved in the events of 9-11. But I understand he has to be a little political there.

MCP: That is interesting, because essentially what this reminds me of is the same phenomenon in the JFK assassination business. It is perfectly respectable to say that the American CIA had a hand in the assassination of President Kennedy. But you cannot dare suggest the Israeli Mossad had a hand in the assassination. It is kind of that same thing where it would be considered offensive to certain people if you mention Israel, where it is perfectly acceptable to blame our own government for the crime. Very interesting.

Bollyn: It is interesting that they are using Oliver Stone again. Oliver Stone made that JFK movie with the Israeli arms dealer Arnan Milkan (spelling?). And now Oliver Stone is once again being called upon to perform his cinematic magic. And once again he is writing a script that has been given to him by very Zionist writers, Andrea Berloff, and the producers are Zionists. Oliver Stone is a nice enough guy I suppose, his father was Jewish. But the thing is I mean that in all three movies we have producers and writers who are Zionists.

MCP: Yes, it is interesting Christopher. I got a phone call last night on the program. I asked people for constructive criticism. One of the callers came in and said that he thinks there is too much discussion of --not my words but his words -- the Jews-- on this program. And I know what he is referring to the frequent discussion of Israeli involvement in such things as 9-11, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the Kennedy assassination and so many of these disasters of the last 50 years so to speak. And other events in world history. And it all does come down to the fact that there is this Zionist involvement that has been so critical. People are very uncomfortable to discuss this. But in discussing the entirety of the picture you cannot get away from it. And that is the point that I have tried to emphasize here. We are not suggesting that the little Jewish businessman who runs the corner grocery store or the pawnbroker down the street was part of the 9-11 attacks.

Bollyn: Mike, these are the guys who own the movie theaters. These are the guys like Sumner Redstone who own the movie theaters or the shopping malls. They own these people who build these American houses --these not very well built American houses.

MCP: They kick in millions of dollars to fund the Israeli Lobby in Washington, AIPAC.

Bollyn: Mike, these are the guys who started Hebrew University. Murray Rothstein's father was the founder of Hebrew University. He is a super Zionist.

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MCP: We are back with someone I regard as the top independent print journalist in America, and that is Christopher Bollyn, my friend and colleague with American Free Press here in Washington, D.C. Christopher is on the road right now as he usually is, but he took time off to talk about an article he wrote for American Free Press about the effort to suppress information and revelations about Israeli involvement in 9-11. Information that was even known to some of the people who call themselves truth seekers. Christopher, I do not want to steal your thunder here, but one thing I would like to point out is that is certainly related to what we are talking about is you revealed that there is evidence that Israeli operatives who were later seen cheering the collapse of the World Trade Center were known to be meeting these Arabs who were later picked up here in this country. They were seen meeting in New Jersey in a video store. A lot of people do not understand how Arabs could be working with Israelis. But I want to remind people about a story that Robert Freedman wrote in the Village Voice about the first attack on the World Trade Center. And he said very specifically that a Palestinian named Akman (spelling?) Ajaj (spelling ?) was --although he was a Palestinian Arab, a Muslim, he was an Israeli double agent inside the first cell that tried to bring down the World Trade Center. And what is interesting is this Ajaj was a partner of this Ramsey Huseff (spelling?) whose uncle is supposedly the guy who coordinated the whole 9-11 attack on behalf of Osama Bin Ladin. This Ramsey Huseff's (spelling?) uncle, Khalid (spelling?) Sheik-Mohammed (spelling?) he is the primary source for the official 9-11 report. And these are the guys who were connected to an Israeli double agent who was an Arab. I have reported in The Spotlight and the American Free Press on what Robert Freedman has written. No one will touch that with a ten foot pole. Why is that?

Bollyn: That is right, Mike. You are exposing how the system works. It is the same thing, like I can't confirm this, but I heard when 9-11 happened, or shortly thereafter, that Mohammed Atta (spelling?) had been involved in a bus bombing in Israel and spent two years in an Israeli prison. So the Israelis have a very large pool of candidates to recruit from. And then given their experience in the weapons operations in Afghanistan, they have a huge pool of potential operatives. They simply recruit the people and get them in the right places and monitor their behavior like they did in Florida, and create the perfect fall guy.

MCP: And they can manipulate them right to the ultimate goal of what they achieved on 9-11. You know Christopher, we have quite a few phone callers here, so people obviously want to talk to you. Let us start bringing them up. We have John from California. John, come on up.

John: I waylaid Mike a few weeks ago about your take [Chris] on Chavez [President of Venezuela], and I just don't trust that guy. What is that Jewish-Zionist element going on down there, do you know anything about that?

Bollyn: There is an active Zionist community down there, but the Zionist community, people like Moises (spelling?) Naim (spelling?) have left that country. The big ones, and they were involved in corrupt leadership before. You that country is very rich in oil. And Moises Naim (spelling?) was involved down there. When Chavez took over, and started using the oil for national, social purposes, getting people's living standards improved, he is considered the bad boy. But he has done a lot to help the people. The people of Venezuela have been neglected by their leadership in the past, and he has done a great deal. Chavez has given them medicine, education, and tried to improve their standard of living. I think that is a pretty good thing.

John: I agree with you to a certain extent, but he is still a socialist. I am not saying that we do not need to nationalize our oil industry here. What do you think of that?

Bollyn: You might think I am far left, but I think that essential services like the railroads, and the minerals of a country, definitely deserve to be monitored and regulated by the government. You cannot allow the entrepreneurial class to exploit your natural resources without any control by the government. That is what we have now, and that is what President Yeltsin of Russia [he meant Putin] is trying to prevent. As soon as the Russia --the [former] Soviet Union became open to the West-- a very small group of billionaires went in there and took everything. And they are mostly Israelis now.

John: Yeah, just like what they have done here with all the de-regulation and this and that and busting this up.

Bollyn: Well, look at British Petroleum. It is operating our Alaska Pipeline. What American taxpayers paid for, British Petroleum is operating. And BP is basic economic colonialism. They are selling our oil, owning our pipeline, selling our product, and taking the money back.

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Piper: [resumption at 33:13] Ladies and gentleman, welcome back, this is Michael Collins Piper coming to you live from Washington, DC. on the Republic Broadcasting Network. We are at RBN, at 5.050 on short-wave, and also at 6.890 on the single sideband in some areas. ...We have John from California with a discussion of Hugo Chavez, who the Zionists do not like. They say he has been associate with Holocaust deniers and neo-Nazis and anti-Semites and all sorts of things. Christopher Bollyn just returned from Venezuela and filed some interesting reports on the situation there. They were published in the American Free Press. John, did you have another question or comment before we move on?

John: I just wanted to clear that up. I heard Chris a couple of times from France on the report on 9-11. [From "The French Connection" with Daryl Bradford Smith at On Chavez, I thought I would call him up and ask him personally, I did not mean any harm to you Michael.

MCP: No, I agree 100% with Christopher on this subject.

John: Well, I just do not trust these people in South America. We just have to keep a close eye on it. I was wondering if Chris knows anything about the Zionist element in Mexico? They are going through a lot of trouble down there.

Bollyn: I do not know a lot about it, but I do know that the Israelis are up to their eyeballs in the drug smuggling that goes on down there in those countries. I have seen it myself. I have seen that the Israelis have a lot of so-called advisors in those countries. Training the death squads in Columbia and Guatemala and what have you. I saw with my own eyes how they are all armed with Uzi's and that Israeli advisors were there. When they would go out to these villages in Guatemala. So they are all equipped with Israeli stuff. It is just a nasty thing.

MCP: You know Christopher, and old friend of mine here in D.C., an old Jewish arms dealer, was the first man to introduce Uzi's into the United States. He brought them here and now they are all over the streets of Washington, D.C., I would be willing to bet. Let's go on to our next caller, Scott from Massachusetts. How are you doing Scott?

Scott: I am doing great, listening to two of the best guys in the media and in the press. I have to be honest, I mean Chris Bollyn, thanks for your honesty and your candor. And Mike, your forthright presentation and insights are refreshing to me, and I honestly believe I am talking to two of the top ten truth tellers in the world today.

MCP: Well I know that I appreciate the complement, and I am sure Christopher does too. Christopher certainly deserves it.

Scott: Well, you do too, my friend. Let me go on. You gentlemen are in good company. I believe that your steadfastness in telling the truth in the future will be honored by our Lord and Savior Jesus and that you actually follow in his footsteps. If you read closely in the New Testament, you'll understand exactly that you are picking up the cross and following him, and God bless you for that.

MCP: Well, I tell you what, Scott. You know I always say I am not a real religious person. But I tell you what, I do know one thing, and that is that I am not going to go to hell for anything I have done in speaking out on these issues.

Scott: No, because you are speaking honestly and from the heart, Michael, and you know Chris I listened to your interview last Thursday I guess, on the Connection [The "The French Connection" with Daryl Bradford Smith at]. I really gained a lot of respect for your ability to handle the truth and thrive in it. And Godspeed to the two of you who bring forth the fact that we are a Talmudic nation and that it just gets worse and worse every day, and all you have to do is go to the Noahide Laws (spelling?) and public law 102-14 that was passed during the senior Bush administration effectively putting us under the Noahide Laws (spelling?) and the subservience to Jewish Talmudic leaders specified as Menachem Schneerson (spelling?) of the Lubavitch Movement. I am just horrified by that. And these are the people who are kicking the Ten Commandments out of the court rooms and out of the schools and away and supplanting them with these Noahide Laws (spelling?) which will make our faith basically null and void. And anybody who participates in it, subject to the same kind of violence that they perpetrated in the Soviet Union.

MCP: Hey Scott, I am glad you brought that up. I just about threw up today. I wanted to mention this at the beginning of the show tonight, but now I have the perfect segue into it. I opened up the Washington Times today and there is a full page letter in there. A full page advertisement, from the Zionist Organization of America. And do you know who has lent what I thought was his good name and prestige to the campaign of the Zionist Organization of America? To come down hard on the Palestinians? No less than William Donahue (spelling?).

Scott: Of the Catholic League.

MCP: Of the Catholic League. This is a man who I had a little bit of respect for until today. He is signing on with the very people who have done everything in their power to stamp out his faith and the Christian faith in general.

Scott: Let me say this about that. And I will leave you with this, gentlemen. When you roll the Trojan Horse into the citadel, it is not long before the fort falls. The Catholic Church has allowed Talmudic reasoning through Pope Paul II and this new guy they have got in there. And what is going on up here in Boston, you told me you were dissatisfied with somebody. Well, now what is going on up here with the head of the hospital network and his feely touchy with everyone and him just giving him a reprimand, I mean the nonsense just goes on and on. And when people talk about the Catholics perpetrating this stuff, and I see the elements within the Church itself and within these Christian organizations with inside Jewish people. I mean they don't even hide, and they are the ones making all of these accusations, and bringing all this information forth, which is good, but the way they do it, is not necessarily not propaganda...

MCP: You know Scott, I always say, "When you hear that word `interfaith', watch out! That is the Zionist steamroller coming!"

Bollyn: There is one thing Mike, in the 9-11 [Truth] Movement, there are a few people who like to pin it on the Jesuits or Opus Day (spelling?) or the Catholic Church, and they completely disregard evidence of Israeli involvement. And they want to say the Vatican is behind attacking the United States on 9-11. This is absolute rubbish. The evidence that has not been disproven over four years is that the Israeli intelligence played a major role in the execution of 9-11. And these people will go on to say, "The Vatican is behind the Zionists." It is absolutely absurd.

Scott: It is so absurd. And to hear that kind of thing when the whole church is crumbling as a result of these very people. And people can't see it. It is blindness. And you guys are like the best. Keep it up. And I am praying for you.

MCP: Scott, I appreciate your call. Let us go on to Clayton from Missouri. Come on up.

Clayton: How are you doing, Mikie. You were talking about the 9-11 Truth Movement. There is a fairly odd way they avoid talking about the Jewish involvement, and the Jewish involvement they do not want to touch it. Do not want to go near it. And we all know who the major players are in all of this 9-11 Truth Movement. I do not have to mention their names. We all know who they are. But it seems there are one of two possibilities here. They are either evil or they are stupid. And they are not stupid, Mike. And I don't trust them. And I cannot prove it, but I can just smell Zionist connections with these people. I cannot prove it, but can just smell it. It seems to me that 9-11 and the War Against Islam --it is not really a war against terrorism-- had to have been planned out years in advance. I think the reason why is because Islam is the last enemy that has to be defeated before the Jews can establish their New World Order with Jerusalem as the world capital. And they are using our military to do it. And that is why we are just at the beginning of this thing. It is just getting ready to get nasty. From what I understand, I think the Feds have picked up what they call six or a half dozen Hezbollah terrorists in New York City, this morning just in time for the Jewish prime minister's visit to New York City. I can smell a stink all the way here to St. Louis. I can see something happening in this country. And it will be blamed on Iranian terrorists like Hezbollah, and we will go after Iran, and this thing is going to get nasty. And it is all because of these Israeli Zionists who we can't or won't stop. And to get a hold on these people, I mean it is easy for us to see what is happening here, but you know for other people they just do not understand or see it, and it is frightening where they are taking us.

Bollyn: Right, you know the thing that has to be understood, is the 9-11 movement is co-opted by these Zionist forces. The thing is that in the United States, the players behind the politicians and the propaganda behind the 9-11 movement, the so-called Truth Movement, are one or two steps back. I explained to you about the Simon family. But there is the Rattner family in Cleveland. The Simon family in Indianapolis. And other families like that. And what they do is they provide a great deal of money to people like the Clintons, to the Democratic Party, to Lee Hamilton, for example, the Vice Chairman of the 9-11 Commission. Like the Simon family, which this girl who is involved in the 9-11 movement, Melvin Simon who heads that property group is a business partner with Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowey (spelling?).

MCP: I know who Silverstein and Lowey are, but there may be a few people out there who do not know who they are.

Bollyn: Silverstein, you know Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowey were the lease-holders who obtained possession of the World Trade Center five weeks before 9-11 happened, and they insured themselves to the hilt against exactly that kind of event happening. And they collected handsomely off the Swiss and German insurance companies after 9-11 occurred. And so what happened is it is a classic kind of Jewish scam in which one gets involved in something, and then an accident happens, and then they get paid a hundred times over. It has happened so many times. Just read American history. This is the classic insurance scam or a kind of bank scam that these immigrants who came from Russia, these Jewish immigrants from Russia, were involved in.

MCP: Yes Chris, you know it is interesting, I know there are probably people out there who are thinking "He is purveying anti-Semitism here." The reason why the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) was founded in the early 1900's was because there were law enforcement officials in New York City and other major cities who were complaining about the fact that many of these Jewish immigrants were in fact engaged in arson. And that is why the old term "Jewish lightening" evolved. We are not talking about anti-Semitism. These were law-enforcement officials who were saying this. This is not some canard out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion here.

Bollyn: When I went to Europe with June Walter on the 9-11 truth tour, there was one woman in New York in the 9-11 Truth Movement, her name was Jeanette Orkin (spelling?). She led a one woman campaign to keep me from going on the tour. Then when I got on the tour, she did everything she could from New York to try to get me to not speak. Now Jeanette Orkin is the daughter of the Hollywood producer Harvey Orkin, called the mighty Ork. And this is a very Zionist family. What is interesting is that she is in the "dust" movement. You know, the dangers of the dust [that have created lung and other health problems for workers at the disaster site]. She does not address any of what really happened to the towers. But I spoke with her today because it turns out her grandfather, her father's father, in 1931, borrowed a million dollars from banks in New York, and then was unable to pay, and hanged himself in 1933. And I asked her if she knew what happened to that money, because that was a great sum of money in those days, and she was surprised that she had never even heard of that. But this is the kind of thing. This is what we are facing. These are the people. She is working to keep critics like me of the Israeli involvement silenced. Yet at the same time her background is very dodgy.

MCP: Clayton, I want to thank you for your call. Let's move on to Matt from Vermont. Matt, come on up.

Matt: I just want to say that I am looking forward to getting my first copy of the American Free Press. I also want to discuss political activism. Because isn't enough to get this information out. You guys are obviously doing a great job. But do you ever call for a boycott? Are there T-shirts? Are there buttons or bumper stickers? That is the mentality. That is where I am coming from. I am like a campaigner. Some of the things like promoting the people who are running for office that you have done, that is a good thing. But what can we do nationally? Besides having talk shows and getting out this information, is there any group or web site or anything like that you can recommend?

MCP: Well, you know I would just like to comment on that. There are so many people who are doing so many things. They complement one another, that is, they are working together. But on the other hand Chris has pointed out that so many people in the so-called 9-11 Truth Movement, well, they will not even mention the Zionist connection. I am not sure we are really on the same team there. That is part of the problem here.

Bollyn: Right, and Mike what has to be understood is that these relationships --it is a small network of people. What I am trying to do is I am trying to determine who are the players. Who are the families. Who are the people who are trying to cover up the evidence of 9-11 and are actively promoting the government version. Like I spoke about the Rattner family of Forest City Enterprises of Cleveland. These people own immense amounts of property in the United States. Now they are billionaires. One of their brothers, Michael Rattner, one of their cousins, is working with George Soros in the Center for Constitutional Review, I think it is. He is actually the lawyer representing the people in Guantanamo. He is a far left wing lawyer working with Kunstler and that group, and he is representing 70 of these prisoners in Guantanamo. Now for four and a half years these people in Guantanamo have gone nowhere. And I ask you, does Michael Rattner really have their best interests at heart?

MCP: That is a scary question, because if you cannot trust your own lawyer, who can you trust?

Bollyn: He is the brother of Ellen Rattner from Fox News. And he is the brother of Bruce Rattner who owns the New Jersey Nicks and runs Forest City New York. And a new movie about 9-11 is coming out by Joel Rattner. They are all related people.

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MCP: [54:00 end of break]. Welcome back, this is Michael Collins Piper, we are wrapping up a real interesting hour. We are here with Christopher Bollyn, one of the real leaders in the 9-11 Truth Movement. Let us go to Patrick in Atlanta. Patrick, come on up.

Patrick: I wanted to say it is a pleasure to hear your conversation with Christopher, and God bless both of you for the work that you are doing. .. I wanted to call about a comment you made earlier about some criticism [by a gentlemen who called on a prior show and felt MCP spent too much time talking about Jews]. If you are not discussing the Jews and their intrigues, you would not have a show. That is the whole basis of all the shows on the short wave talk radio.

MCP: [laughter] I think you are absolutely right.

Patrick: Number two. You brought up about the spying issue. The History Channel put a series on, which they show occasionally, about great spy stories. They showed a segment about Israeli spy capabilities. And everyone talks about the Six Day War and about how the Arabs are going to destroy them, and whatnot, but then you hear these religious people talking about how it was the hand of God that saved them from the Arabs. They were going to get wiped off, and surely it was God who saved them. It is proof that they are God's Chosen People, right? But this thing on the History Channel showed that the whole deal boiled down to a double agent inside the Arab military and that is how they had all the necessary people ready. That is why they were ready for the invasion. They knew it was coming.

MCP: You know Patrick, if you look at the whole 9-11 thing, let's face it, there is only one country in the world that benefited from the 9-11 terrorist attacks, and it was not Saudi Arabia, and it was not Syria, and it was not Iraq or Iran, it was Israel.

Patrick: There is no doubt about that. It is the one country bold enough to pull it off. I mean, no one else in their right minds would conceive of such an idea to begin with.

MCP: Christopher, we are going to be wrapping up in a minute or two. Did you have any comments on this?

Bollyn: Yes, I just wanted to say that I will be doing a follow up piece on this. I will do it this week. I will be going into more detail about this small network of people who are behind promoting the government version, and the media people, and the billionaires [involved in the cover-up], because once we understand who is behind it, then we know who has to be stopped, and where the problem lies. And another thing is that this report validates my claim that there was thermite in the building. They talk about all the molten metal that pouring off the World Trade Center, particularly the South Tower. And the puffs of smoke and the pressure pulses that accompanied each flow of metal. I got a question on this now, because clearly the metal pouring out of World Trade Center was iron, and not aluminum, and that indicates that there were extremely high temperatures on the 81st floor, which were probably used to cut those big central columns to precipitate the collapse of the building. So those are two things that I will be writing about this week. If you read American Free Press, you will find some very interesting stuff next week.

MCP: Christopher, thank you for making that important point, because the fact is you are not going to get this information anywhere else except from Christopher Bollyn and the American Free Press, ladies and gentlemen. And of course here on RBN where there are hosts --not just me -- but other hosts who are not afraid to talk about these controversial things. Patrick, thanks for your call. Apologies to those we cannot bring in. Thanks as always to Christopher. Thanks ladies and gentlemen. We need your support for the Republic Broadcasting Network because your support makes programs like this possible. Stay tuned for more good programming, ladies and gentlemen, and have a good evening. See you tomorrow night.

[end 58:40].