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The complete downloadable files are archived at Republic Broadcasting Network ( The following are some program notes listed by date. They are "stream of consciousness" notes that are not meant to be complete and may be subject to errors and omissions. However, they may help readers to get a sense of a number of topics covered.


20060509 - Tue., May 9, 2006: Playlists: M3U | RAM (Individual MP3: Click Here)
Piper: Regular short wave radio coordinates are 5.050 for this RBN program. He is trying to set up a debate with Mr. Phelps who is promoting a theory that the Vatican and Jesuits were behind JFK assassination because they did not like JFK's pro-Israel. Piper believes it is a totally different story. This will be broadcast on Greg Szymanski show.

Piper: A lot of people may be fans of Fox News, headed by Rupert Murdoch, a front man for the Bronfmans and Rothchilds etc. Many people view him as a rightist. Guess who he will hold a fundraiser for, that wonderful "conservative" Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator from New York. If you have any doubt on where Murdoch stands, well, they come together on the big issues that are important.

8:54 Richard Cohen writing in the Washington Post writes that the "hatred is back." "I know it is only words, so roiled with rage... the functional equivalent of rocks hurled during antiwar demonstrations...institutution after institution failed America..." This war in Iraq will soon turn into war with Iran if Bush and his criminal advisors get his way.

The President of Iran has written a letter to President Bush saying that there are things he sees that are inconsistent with Bush's Christian faith. How can one be a follower of Jesus Christ and yet attack nations and destroy people and their reputations? He implored Bush to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Now if what national media says about Muslims is true, we would not expect the President of Iran to appeal to Christ. has posted the letter, also reproduced at the end of these notes in the appendix.

The situation with Jack Abramoff is getting interesting. A senior aid who had worked for Jack Abramoff, pled guilty yesterday for trying to corrupt Congressman Nay (spelling?). Mr. Voltz (sp?) and Mr. Nay agreed to help an Israeli company install a telecommunications system for Congress. This Israeli connection is popping up in the Abramoff case. Obvious this massive corruption of Congress and our Intelligence agencies is being carried out by the Israeli Lobby and not the Vatican.

Caller: A portion of a highway near Detroit has been renamed the Holocaust Memorial Highway.
Piper: Detroit itself is majority black
Caller: 95% black
Piper: Most folks who live in Detroit are probably not interested in the Holocaust, so this is an affront to them. I could understand if they would call it the Martin Luther King or African Slave Trade Highway, but the Holocaust highway? There also happens to be a large Arab American community in the area, so it could be a deliberate affront to them. I remember when I protested the Holocaust Memorial in Washington, D.C. It had nothing to do with the Holocaust, and as one Jewish writer said, had everything to do with a demonstration of Jewish power in America. How appropriate it is located next to the U.S. Mint on the Mall. And this Holocaust Memorial was built before a WWII memorial was built to my father and his three brothers who served. What about other genocides like the Armenian genocide. A lot of people are not happy about this Jewish holocaust that just gets rammed down our throats. I have found a way that really upsets the Holocausters. Don't deny the Holocaust. Rather than say one million died rather than six million, simply say, if you want to shut up their yapping, is say, "The Holocaust is borrrrrinnng..." Why are these memorials on American soil? Nobody raises this question.
Caller: You know the great psychiatrist Sigmund Freud. Do you know who Freud's patients were? They were hysterical Jewish women.
Piper: Laughter
Caller. It is true. I read he treated hysterical Jewish women.
Piper: Hysteria not limited to Jewish women. Some of our more hysterical people in this world are Jewish people like Rabbi Abe Cooper of the Wiesenthal Center, Rabbi Marvin Heier of the Wiesenthal Center, and Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League.
Caller: Do you know what Jewish women make for dinner?
Piper: No.
Caller: They make reservations.
Piper: (More laughter). That is about all the humor we are going to have for this evening. Now let us get on with the serious stuff.

Caller: C-Span is owned by Murdoch. When asked about the impact of being under the auspices of Fox news, three and a half years ago a person with C-Span said the takeover should not affect their news bias. (We know the rest of this story).
Piper: This is something I want to check on.
Caller: [Talked about Joe Lewis and Max Schmelling fight in the 1930's]
Piper: Many blacks are tired of hearing about the Holocaust. They say if you want to talk about the Holocaust, talk about the slave trade.
Caller: A book called Champion about Joe Lewis used headlines from that period to show that blacks were very much against what Mussolini was doing in Ethiopia.
Jim Floyd, master prophet from Alabama call: His heroes are Jesus Christ, Apostle Paul, and Jesse James. His Lord Jesus met prostitutes, tax collectors, all the scum and trash of the middle east, but only one group made the Son of God mad enough to hit them, that was the bankers. When you make the son of God mad enough to hit you, you know you have done something wrong.
Piper: He chased them out of the temple.
Floyd: The holocaust has become a religion. I have a picture of Elie Weisel from his book Night upside down in a jelly jar. I want to urinate in it and call it "piss Weisel" (a takeoff on "Piss Christ" funded by National Endowment for the Arts).
Piper: You ought to get a Federal grant for that.

Caller: I was at the protest of the Holocaust Memorial many years ago. I met you when you entered the room with a manuscript of Final Judgment. The attorney for Strassmeier was there, Kirk Lyons.
Piper: Lyons had agreed to be the master of ceremonies of that protest. Then he withdrew at the last moment saying not appropriate to be involved in such a political thing. He was involved in all that protest planning and found out everything that went on, and then pulled out on the last day. My interpretation is that this was part of a long term Judas goat role with patriots.
Caller: Lyons was walking around, shaking everyone's hand. He had a long trench coat with a dapper hat and taking peoples pictures.
Piper: He was finding out everything going on. He ended up becoming an attorney for Strassmeier, and that is where things came full circle. Later he played a role in the destruction of Liberty Lobby. People buy his line he is a nationalist attorny. They he has done such good work defending the Confederate flag, how can you criticize them? But he was involved with Strassmeier and events in Oklahoma City and other events that set up for 9-11 designed to disrupt the patriot movement in America.

Caller: (Dave in Massachusetts). In a prior show I talked about a Feb 10, 1944 bombing of Castel del ___(?). I have talked to Italians in Italy. The Italian government has suppressed this. When I went to the national archives, whoever was in charge gave me a hard look, said there is no such information available. A book put out by Stanly Hirshhawn about George Patton (sp?), towards end of Sicilian campaign, Patton delivered a speech to Army officers, I do not believe it was delivered to enlisted men, talked about how national socialism and fascism were the most evil activities that have ever existed, and he went on to say German and Italian war prisoners were protected by Geneva Convention, and to feed them and cloth them costs money, and if they were not alive, would not cost so much. This became an inference of something to do. So some of his officers took it upon themselves to machine gun to death very large numbers of Italian and German POWs in Sicily around September 1943.
Piper: That is very interesting. I was under the impression that Patton had a more favorable attitude towards Germans.
Caller: I think the record is clear on this. His only favorable attitude was once the Italians and Germans were crushed, he became favorable. But while they were proud and independent, he hated their guts.

Caller: Homosexuals and others can not compete in the free market place of ideas, so they need hate crime laws.
Piper: I like the way Jim Tucker puts it. If there is such a thing as a "hate" crime, then what is a "love" crime? In my opinion, a crime is a crime. Often the so-called "hate crimes" are perpetrated by the same people who are the most opposed to them.

Caller: I want to make people aware of my web site with a lot of free ebooks on it. Eustace Mullins, 1984, etc. ebookvault.


CNN article at:

Ahmadinejad’s letter to Bush

Wednesday, May 09, 2006 Posted: 1600 GMT (0000 HKT)

The following is the letter sent by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to President Bush on Monday. The letter comes from the Web site of the French newspaper Le Monde. A White House official confirmed to CNN that this is the exact English translation of the letter the White House received. (Note: The acronym PBUH stands for Praise Be Unto Him)










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