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The complete downloadable files are archived at Republic Broadcasting Network ( The following are some program notes listed by date. They are "stream of consciousness" notes that are not meant to be complete and may be subject to errors and omissions. However, they may help readers to get a sense of a number of topics covered.


20060420 - Thu., April 20, 2006: Playlists: M3U | RAM (Individual MP3: Click Here) MCP covers a well known murder case. But first a comment on Steven Herbetz (spelling?) who works at White House as Pentagon observer (sp) in WA Times comes down hard on generals who wish to play a role in our society who are unhappy with President Bush's policy. Steven Herbetz worked for Edgar Bronfman, who heads World Jewish Congress before going to work at the White House. MCP feels, this is a typical Bush style hit and run smear operation, sure they will have support of ADL and all its spy files on generals at some point. In New York Times "A peaceful call to arms," writing a book about national service and sacrifice, shaping up for a clash of collosal proportions, his solution is Bush and Congress should reinstitute a lottery without deferments, in other words a draft, and if Iranians see we have a draft, then show those evil Iranians we mean business. MCP: This man is warmonger, let him fight alongside Bush, Foxman, Lieberman, McCain and the rest.

Back to the murder mystery. The husband older than wife, married wife only after living with a housekeeper there for 18 years basically running his household, then this younger wife, then this housekeeper did not get along very well. They always say the Butler did it. This housekeeper was a very aggressive older woman. This couple began to have very serious problems in their marriage. A major problem between the husband and wife was this housekeeper, such a problem that the wife finally left. She said I can not deal with it. She came back, and the wife punched the housekeeper so badly, her face was seriously bruised, and the housekeeper was about to bring a law suit against the wife, the husband was determined to get husband back. Wife said a prerequisite was to get rid of this housekeeper you had for 18 years. The husband went to housekeeper and asked if you will drop this lawsuit planning against my wife. The housekeeper in fact left the home. And a month later, Nicole Simpson, the wife of OJ Simpson was murdered. The housekeeper totally disappeared in all the accounts of the OJ Simpson affair, who had been a member of the Israeli Army, who are heavily trained in hand to hand combat. MCP found out about this in a footnote by other house sitter named Michele in Cato Kaylin's (spelling) book, who read about this Israeli housekeeper, who hated the German-born Nicole Simpson, and Nicole hated her so much she punched her. Amazing that national press told us everything about OJ, but nothing about this former woman in the Israeli Army who had been running OJ's household. This woman was a great figure in OJ's life. What is interesting is we do not have her last name. We know everything else about what went on in OJ's house. MCP said that in the old time murder mysteries, if it was not the husband and wife, it was the butler or housekeeper. MCP has never been convinced OJ did it. Someone else who had once had access to OJ's house could have put the bloody clothes in the dryer. He can not find anything about Michele the Israeli housekeeper who disappeared on the Internet. He passed this on to a number of people, to include a friend at the National Enquirer. He faxed this to a star reporter for the National Enquirer, she said this is very interested, she took it to her bosses, their response was, "we are familiar with the housekeeper." MCP thinks the disappearance of the housekeeper who had a real grudge against Nicole, who happened to be a German girl, this was trial was in your face, in the daily newspapers, but you did not find out about Michele. Maybe she was not the butler, but she came as close as you can find. Mark Furman got his book published and later made into a film, he got bigger than ever because of the OJ case, is it possible that Mark Furman was one of those cops in California, who was the LA Police force liaison with ADL, was he part of a deal, since we never heard about Michele?

Rene from North Carolina called and shared her usual wit and wisdom.