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The complete downloadable files are archived at Republic Broadcasting Network ( The following are some program notes listed by date. They are "stream of consciousness" notes that are not meant to be complete and may be subject to errors and omissions. However, they may help readers to get a sense of a number of topics covered.
20060419 - Wed., April 19, 2006: Playlists: M3U | RAM (Individual MP3): Jack Anderson had longstanding ties to the Israeli lobby and deliberately floated Israeli propaganda. His expenses were paid for at times by ADL. Shows how a columnist could be manipulated by private pressure groups. MCP had a mutual friend who shared an office with Anderson who was a lobbyist for the Israelis.

A caller noted that Nixon was probably purged by Jewish lobby. Nixon was seriously reassessing Mideast policy to distress of Henry Kissinger and Alex Haig. Nixon mentioned that he might tear up prepared speech and expose Israeli Lobby in State of Union in 1975. But Nixon never made it to the 1975 State of the Union because he was forced out of office. MCP notes that "Deep Throat" during Watergate was probably James Angleton and not former FBI Director Mark Felts. Felts never said publicly that he was Deep Throat. Members of his family have said that he suggested that he was Deep Throat. Bob Woodward has come out and said Mark Felts was Deep Throat. If you look at the story, not as cut and dried as it appears. MCP thinks it was Prof Joan Hof (spelling) of U of Montana who thinks the story by Woodward is probably a cover story for the real story, and that is his take on the issue. Debra Davis, a young Jewish woman who wrote a very interesting biography of Katherine Graham that got shelved by the publisher, in her book a person named Richard Ober, Angleton's CIA liason inside the White House, may have been a key figure who passed information on to Woodward and Bernstein. Woodward and Bernstein in book describe Deep Throat as a guy who showed years into smoking and drinking Scotch and familiar with the world of poetry. Felts quit smoking in the 1950's, 20 years before. MCP does not know what he drank, and no evidence he read anything other than the FBI manual. On the other hand Angleton was a notorious chain smoker, a notorious drinker of Scotch, and Angleton was very much into poetry, and curiously into Ezra Pound. Angleton was the Mossad liason with the CIA. Ober was a key source, taking it to Angleton, who then probably took it to Woodward. Davis said that Ober was in charge of the Mossad counterintelligence desk inside the White House. She mentioned that scary word "Mossad" and no one wanted to touch the story. But MCP does not believe the Felts story very much. Al Haig later complained that he thought Nixon was deliberately delaying in giving support to Israel during the Yom Kipper War, so a lot of reasons why powers that be want him out of office. Nixon was his own worst enemy in many ways. MCP is convinced E Howard Hunt deliberately bungled the Watergate burglery, and E. Howard Hunt has suggested this. Evidence that Hunt worked for Angleton, so this much deeper than often thought.