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Schoen and Caddell: Democrat strategists want Obama to bow out now. Obama: Weakened candidate. Clinton: Possible contender?


Push to Dethrone Obama
Part of `Centrist' Agenda

By Michael Collins Piper

.Two major, longtime Democratic Party political consultants who have been key figures in the ongoing high-level drive to launch a “centrist” third-party movement — noted only by AMERICAN FREE PRESS — have publicly called for Barack Obama to declare now that he will not be a candidate for re-election in 2012. The consultants — Doug Schoen and Patrick Caddell — laid down their challenge in a prominently-placed commentary in The Washington Post on Nov. 14.
The Post has long been a major political force, under the control of the Meyer-Graham media empire established by Eugene Meyer, a World War I-era war profiteer. He was an early Federal Reserve System governor and later aWorld Bank president. The Post has been a voice for the London-based Rothschild dynasty whose agents on American soil — via the Kuhn-Loeb investment house — directed the establishment of the Federal Reserve System, the control of which has generated trillions of dollars that enabled elitist families and financial interests to grab control of the mass print and broadcast media through which they have manipulated the political arena.
The call by Schoen and Caddell may appear to be “good news” in the minds of Obama’s critics. However, the campaign to delegitimize Obama is part of broader scheme to fool Americans into rallying behind an ostensibly independent movement — a “controlled opposition” — dominated by the same families and monied interests that now control the two major parties.
Why would these big money forces want to launch a new “centrist” party? Good question. Here’s the answer. The apparent — and quite Machiavellian purpose — behind this scheme appears to be to break the back of the now-in-place traditional local, state and federal political machines of both major parties and their respective grassroots constituencies (small business, farmers, public employees, minorities, factory workers, etc). The “centrist” party ushered into power would constitute an all-new political superstructure at the national level — divorced from the demands of grassroots constituencies. It would be a mechanism of power answering only to the controllers of the major media who conjured up the “centrist” party in the first place. It would direct the future course of American affairs, in the guise of ending “partisan gridlock,” while actually ensuring that the international big-money forces maintain their stranglehold on America.
It is no coincidence that in 2008, Schoen published a book, Declaring Independence: The Beginning of the End of the Two-Party System, calling for a new “centrist” party. He and Caddell have been pushing that idea continuously in a number of forums with — as AFP previously noted — the collaboration of “establishment” columnists in both the Post and New York Times. Yet until now, those elite newspapers never lent credence to third party advocates and were notably hostile to them.
As Schoen and Caddell wrote in the Post:

[It] is clear, we believe, that the president has largely lost the consent of the governed. The midterm elections were effectively a referendum on the Obama presidency. And even if it was not an endorsement of a Republican vision for America, the drubbing the Democrats took was certainly a vote of no confidence in Obama and his party. The president has almost no credibility left with Republicans and little with independents..
We are convinced that if Obama immediately declares his intention not to run for reelection, he will be able to unite the country, provide national and international leadership, escape the hold of the left, isolate the right and achieve results that would be otherwise unachievable.

While it is unlikely Obama will be cowed into abandoning his reelection bid, the efforts by Schoen and Caddell against him are nothing new. On July 28 in The Wall Street Journal — published by Rupert Murdoch, longtime front man for the Rothschild-financial network — Schoen and Caddell called Obama “our divisive president” and declared that while Obama had promised “a new era of post-partisanship . . .[H]e’s played racial politics and further split the country along class and party lines,” extraordinary allegations from two Democrats long involved in the civil rights movement. They wrote:

Rather than being a unifier, Mr. Obama has divided America on the basis of race, class and partisanship. Moreover, his cynical approach to governance has encouraged his allies to pursue a similar strategy of racially divisive politics on his behalf.
We have seen the divisive approach under Republican presidents as well — particularly the administrations of Richard Nixon and George W. Bush. It was wrong then, and it is wrong now. By dividing America, Mr. Obama has brought our government to the brink of a crisis of legitimacy, compromising our ability to address our most important policy issues. . . .
President Obama’s divisive approach to governance has weakened us as a people and paralyzed our political culture. Meanwhile, the Republican leadership has failed to put forth an agenda that is more positive, unifying or inclusive. We are stronger when we debate issues and purpose, and we are all weaker when we divide by race and class. We will pay a price for this type of politics.

This rhetoric, in fact, has been central to the ongoing push for the new “centrist” third party. For example, on Nov. 12 The NewYork Times again sounded the call for a centrist rebellion. A commentary by David Brooks, a Jewish Republican “neo-conservative”—the Times’ op-ed page “in house” conservative — said a “national greatness agenda” would be promoted by “the next big social movement.” It would reject the views of “orthodox liberals and conservatives” and end “hyper-partisanship.” Brooks said “the coming movement may be a third party or it may support serious people in the existing two” and preserve American “supremacy”—that is, global interventionism.
This concept of “national greatness” has been promoted in Rupert Murdoch’s Weekly Standard by Marshall Wittmann, a Jewish Trotskyite-turned neoconservative who directed the Christian Coalition and later signed on with Sen. Joseph Lieberman (Conn.) the vaunted Democrat-turned-independent hailed as a model for nonpartisan “centrist” politics.
While it is speculation at this point, it appears that the ultimate intent is to damage Obama politically, casting him as a failed president who represents the extreme “left,” while at the same time (as AFP has reported on the Washington Post-Newsweek empire’s promotion of Sarah Palin) catapulting Mrs. Palin to the 2012 Republican presidential nomination.
At that time the major media could declare both candidates — Obama and Mrs. Palin — as “extremists” and “damaged goods,” and push the emergence of a centrist party to rise up and challenge the two major parties.
If he does try for re-election, Obama could face a challenge for renomination from within his own party — Hillary Clinton being a likely rival — but dethroning an incumbent president has never been a simple proposition. If Obama is renominated, in any case, he will be so as a very crippled incumbent. 



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(Issue #48, November 29, 2010, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)