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.American Free Press
.Vol X .#47 November 22,

Page 13, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * November 22, 2010 * Issue 47 AMERICAN FREE PRESS


Phony `Centrist' Third Party
Propaganda Escalates

By Michael Collins Piper

.The latest issue of AMERICAN FREE PRESS (dated Nov. 15; see right [above]) had hardly gone to press — describing an ongoing high-level scheme to launch a new “centrist” third party controlled by the “new world order” elite — when two more prominent New York Times columnists chimed in with the very rhetoric that America’s “most influential newspaper” has been hyping as part of the campaign to get the new party under way.
On Nov. 6, both Bob Herbert and Charles M. Blow — conventional “mainstream” pundits of the classic Times stripe — had side-by-side columns on the Times’s popular op-ed page, trumpeting the proposition that both the “liberal Democrats” and the “conservative Republicans” are politically, intellectually and, for all intents and purposes, morally bankrupt. The nation is endangered, they wrote, unless there are solutions and saviors that emerge outside the conventional liberal-conservative paradigm to which Americans have become accustomed through the “two party” system that now prevails.
Writing in the Times, Herbert — in his “Tone-Deaf in DC” column — stated flatly:

Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are offering voters the kind of change that they seem so desperately to want. . . .
What voters want is leadership that will help them through an economic nightmare and fix a country that has been pitched into a state of sharp decline. They long for leaders with a clear and compelling vision of a better America and a road map for getting there. That leadership has long been AWOL. The hope in the tumultuous elections of 2008 was that it would come from Mr. Obama and the Democrats, but that hope, after just two years, is on life support. . . .
The Democrats are in disarray because it’s a party that lacks a spine. The Republicans, conversely, fight like wild people whether they’re in the majority or not.
What neither party is doing is offering a bold, coherent plan to get the nation’s economy in good shape and create jobs, to bring our young men and women home from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, to rebuild the education system in a way that will prepare the next generation for the great challenges of the 21st century . . . .

Blow’s column, “The Great American Cleaving,” echoed Herbert’s thinking:

We now stand in the twilight of American moderation. We have retreated to our respective political corners and armed ourselves in an ideological standoff over the very meaning of America, having diametrically opposed interpretations of its past and visions for its future. Talking across the table has been reduced to yelling across the chasm. Welcome to the Great American Cleaving. . . . Instead of moving toward the middle, we are drifting toward the extremes. . . . That ripping sound you hear is the fabric of a nation.

It is true that both “major” parties are bankrupt and that the two-party system is corrupt. AMERICAN FREE PRESS and all honest independent voices have said that for years. However, from the fact that The New York Times is airing this idea on a regular basis, in commentaries coming from its key columnists, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the powerful network of billionaire families and closely interconnected financial interests that control the major print and broadcasting conglomerates (and likewise are interlocked with the private Federal Reserve money monopoly) has now decided to give Americans an ostensible alternative to the two major parties.
Predictably, the Times has been joined by its down-coast neighbor, The Washington Post, which has likewise been clamoring for some sort of “centrist” solution to Democratic-Republican gridlock. But it would be an alternative under the control of the very elements that now control the Democratic and Republican parties.



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(Issue #47, November 22, 2010, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)