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.American Free Press
.Vol X .#31 August 2,

Page 11, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * August 2, 2010 * Issue 31 AMERICAN FREE PRESS

Hagee Fanatic Attacks,
Strikes AFP Writer

By Michael Collins Piper

.Longtime AMERICAN FREE PRESS copy editor John Tiffany was physically attacked by a supporter of Christian Zionist leader John Hagee outside the Washington, D.C. Convention Center late on the afternoon of July 21. Tiffany, along with other staffers of AFP and supporters, was peacefully protesting Hagee’s appearance at the convention center. Also in attendance to support Hagee were several pro-Israel U.S. congressmen.
Tiffany was not the only person attacked by the Hagee follower. Also violently attacked was Medea Benjamin, the leader of Code Pink, an anti-war, pro-peace organization that has been critical of Israel’s behavior in theWest Bank and Gaza.
Although a police officer was present and witnessed the incidents, he refused to honor Ms. Benjamin’s request that the Hagee supporter, who had fled into the convention center, be arrested.A further effort to contact the D.C. police by Ms. Benjamin resulted in the arrival of another police officer, but as this article was being prepared for this issue there still was no indication that the criminal had been taken into custody.
Michael Collins Piper (who witnessed the assault on Tiffany) noted: “The assailant’s name, based on his name tag, appeared to be Harold Lightstone and it appeared that he was from the state of New Jersey. The assailant was an older man, considerably taller and heavier than Ms. Benjamin, who is a slight, slender woman. The assailant used a heavy carrying bag—possibly laden with weights—which he wielded as a weapon, swinging it at Mr. Tiffany repeatedly, shouting angrily and loudly as he did so. Mr. Tiffany did not strike back; rather, he attempted to make his way away from the attacker who continued his assault until surrounded by others who were seeking to stop him.”
“Although I did not see the attack on Ms. Benjamin,” said Piper, “Ms. Benjamin herself indicated that she had been attacked by this man, and others subsequently confirmed that to me.”
Had Ms. Benjamin or anyone from AFP engaged in any physical violence against Mr. Hagee’s supporters, one can rest assured that they would now be in custody facing criminal charges. 



Hagee Worships Israel in D.C.


ON JULY 21, REPORTERS AND EDITORS from AMERICAN FREE PRESS, while covering the annual Christians United for Israel’s 2010 summit put on by the multimillionaire preacher for profit Pastor John Hagee, couldn’t help but do some demonstrating in front of Washington’s convention center. The conference drew some of the most powerful pro-Israeli figures in the United States. This included rabidly pro-Israel legislators like Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Rep. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) and former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), as well as neo-conservative mouthpieces Frank Gaffney and Michael Medved. Billionaire publisher Mortimer Zuckerman, one of the wealthiest Jews in America, was also in attendance.

AFP EDITOR ATTACKED: While promoting the newspaper and handing out the latest issue of AFP to the Christians and Jews who forked over $200 to attend the event, AFP copy editor John Tiffany (above left with sign) was attacked by a militant pro-Israeli supporter, Harold Lightstone. Bizarrely, police officers, who were on the scene to keep the peace, refused to arrest the CUFI member, despite witnessing the assault. A report was taken, but the attacker was gently escorted by Hagee security forces into the building. See more in the story at right.

AFP ON THE SCENE: AFP's team coverage of the CUFI conference was carried out by (from left to right) AFP promotions consultant Pete Papaheraklis, author Michael Collins Piper, AFP contributor Stanley Rittenhouse, consultant Willis Carto, 9-11 researcher and engineer Marion Lelong and executive editor Christopher J. Petherick. Above, right, “Christian conservative” Republican presidential contender Gary Bauer was handed copies of AFP along with material exposing Hagee's organization for its support of the anti-Christian policies carried out by the Israeli government. The diminutive Bauer, who was obviously wearing orange-colored tanning cream on his face, was overheard uttering some pretty un-Christian remarks about the materials he was handed by AMERICAN FREE PRESS staff members.



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(Issue #31, August 2, 2010, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)