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Page 11, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * July 12, 2010 * Issue 28 AMERICAN FREE PRESS

Anti-Obama Coalition Has
Influential High-Level Support

By Michael Collins Piper

.Americans who don’t care for Barack Obama can claim some particularly influential allies. Some of the most highly regarded names in the American Jewish community — a formidable host of influential leaders of what is referred to as “the Jewish lobby” — have gone public to denounce the president and his Middle East policy. Among other things, they want America to attack Iran.
In a bare-knuckled symposiumin the June 2010 issue of Commentary magazine, long the voice of the American Jewish Committee, 31 people, described by Commentary as “prominent American Jews” almost unanimously came down hard on the American president. The symposium, entitled “Obama, Israel and American Jews: The Challenge,” was based on the thinking of hard-liners in the United States whose motto is “Israel right or wrong.” Note the following statement from the event:

The open conflict between the Obama administration and the government of Benjamin Netanyahu has created tensions between the United States and Israel of a kind not seen since the days of the administration of the first President Bush. And those tensions are placing unique pressure on American Jews, who voted for Barack Obama by a margin of nearly four to one in 2008 after being assured by Obama himself and by his supporters in the Jewish community that he was a friend and an ally of the state of Israel despite his long association with, among others, the unabashedly anti-Israel and anti- Semitic Rev. JeremiahWright.
We argue that American Jews are facing an unprecedented political challenge, and at a crucial moment, with the need to address the existential threat to Israel — and by extension to the future of the Jewish people as a whole — from a potentially nuclear Iran. How will American Jews handle this challenge? Can Obama’s Jewish supporters act in a way that will change the unmistakable direction of current American policy emanating from the White House? Will American Jews accept Barack Obama’s view that the state of Israel bears some responsibility for the loss of American “blood and treasure” in the Middle East?Will they continue to extend their support to the Obama administration and to Barack Obama’s political party?

While there were some obviously partisan opponents of Obama, such as Matthew Brooks of the Republican Jewish Coalition, who responded to the poll and slapped the president relentlessly, there were also a handful of predictably reliable supporters of Obama and his policies — for example, Ira Forman, chief executive officer of the Democratic Party-oriented National Jewish Democratic Council. Forman expressed the belief that Commentary’s symposium was biased from the start. The overwhelming number of the respondents enthusiastically joined in Commentary’s harsh rebuke of the administration, while adding gratuitous comments that they “hoped” Obama would ultimately see the light. Here’s an abbreviated sampling of some of the harsher comments:
ELLIOTT ABRAMS, senior fellow for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations: “Poll data and impressionistic evidence suggest that American Jews are increasingly dubious about Barack Obama’s Middle East policy. Most major Jewish organizations, except those that exist solely to support the Democratic Party, have weighed in with anxious complaints, and Democratic politicians also have backed away from public support for the Obama approach.”
MORRIS AMITAY, former executive director of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee: “The unjustified criticism of Israel by U.S. government officials, including the president, makes it absolutely necessary for Jewish supporters of Israel to speak out in opposition to this dangerous trend in U.S. Middle East policy. Given Obama’s questionable past associations, this should have been expected.”
PETER BERKOWITZ, senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University: “. . . Through deliberate, public, and one-sided imposition of pressure on Israel to make concessions in advance of negotiations, the Obama administration has . . . demoralized Israelis, pulled the rug out from under Palestinian moderates, lent legitimacy to the demonizers of Israel around the world, and given Iran a windfall of precious time to promote terror and develop nuclear weapons.”
KENNETH J. BIALKIN, chairman of the America- Israel Friendship League, former chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations [and former national chairman of the Anti- Defamation League — Ed.]: “[The] struggle for Jerusalem has begun. . . . It has obliged Jews and others to reflect on who has deeper claims in the Holy Land — Jews with an almost unbroken history in the region or the relatively recently arrived peoples now collectively called Palestinians. President Obama’s speech in Cairo in June 2009 wrongly attributes Israel’s claims solely to the horror of the Holocaust.”
ALAN M. DERSHOWITZ, professor of law at Harvard University [who endorsed Obama in 2008 — Ed.]: “I began to get worried about the Obama administration when White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel appeared to link American support for Israel’s security with Israeli actions regarding the settlements. I became even more concerned when Vice President Biden and General David Petraeus were quoted as suggesting that Israel’s actions could affect American casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan. . . .The Obama administration is moving toward a policy of “containment,” [toward Iran] which is no policy at all but rather an implicit admission of failure.”
ABRAHAM FOXMAN, national director of the Anti-Defamation League: “Can the community mobilize the Democratic majority in both houses to take issue with the president of their party? This will be a major challenge that will require persistence, initiative and creativity. In the final analysis, I’m still hopeful that things never reach that point, that the relationship, despite ups and downs, will remain intact. If not, I’m confident we will rise to the occasion . . .”
JONATHAN GURWITZ, columnist for The San Antonio Express-News: “There were plenty of clues that, despite a substantial number of Jewish supporters and advisers, candidate Obama did not have a decent appreciation of the Jewish psyche: his membership in a church that honored Louis Farrakhan; his former spiritual adviser who had a deep animus for Israel and trafficked in conspiracy theories; his foreign-policy team, which was populated with people who were demonstrably insensitive to Jewish concerns . . .”
JEFF JACOBY, columnist for The Boston Globe: “Time and again, Obama has made clear both his lack of sympathy for the Jewish state and his keen desire to Ingratiate himself with Arab and Muslim autocrats.”




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