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.Vol X .#19 May 10,

Pages 13-14, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * May 10, 2010 * Issue 19 AMERICAN FREE PRESS

Police State Smear Merchants at Work Again

By Michael Collins Piper


.The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are raising millions of dollars this year from gullible Americans convinced by the two groups — working hand-in-glove with like-minded elements in the controlled media — that there is some sort of impending armed revolution in the making.
The two groups have hounded newspaper reporters and editors, funneled “intelligence” to local, state and federal government agencies, including the FBI, CIA, IRS, ATF and Homeland Security, and are doing everything in their considerable power to stir up public strife, charging that loyal citizens who are devoted to preserving America’s sovereignty and fighting to salvage what remnants of the Constitution remain are actually “hatefilled bigots who want to seize control of the government by force” and disenfranchise — even exterminate — perhaps millions of Americans.
Although the ADL and the SPLC are perceived by many to be “evil twins” there are notable differences between the two: The ADL opposes racial quotas — even while it denounces other Americans who do likewise, calling them “racists” and “white supremacists” — whereas the SPLC is decidedly “liberal” in the realm of race and remains careful to avoid mentioning the fact that the ADL, for example, shares the traditional Ku Klux Klan view on quotas.
The ADL’s primary concern is promoting the interests of Israel and the Jewish lobby in America. And despite its reputation as a “civil rights” group, what a lot of SPLC donors don’t know is that former African-American SPLC employees sued the group alleging on-the-job discrimination against blacks.
All of this adds up to an interesting witches brew, inasmuch as the two groups have long been engaged in a lively competition with one another, seeking donations from essentially the same audience, claiming to potential
donors that they — the ADL and the SPLC — are at the forefront of fighting the looming “danger” of a revolution by Americans fed up with special interest politics-as-usual.
For its part, the ADL recently took aim at AMERICAN FREE PRESS and The Power of Prophecy Ministries of Texas evangelist Texe Marrs. The ADL was incensed that AFP and Marrs convened a joint conference in Austin, Texas. The ADL proclaimed this gathering as “evidence of prominent anti-Semites attempting to exploit growing interest in the United States in anti-government conspiracy theories, and to use this interest as a way to spread hatred against Jews.”
Ironically — despite its claim the conference was devoted to Jew hatred — the ADL was forced to admit that one of those who spoke at the conference was Peymon Mottahedeh, a proud American of Jewish heritage born in Iran. In its reckless fashion, for which it is known, the ADL reported that Mottahedeh echoed “right wing claims about the Federal Reserve.”
In fact, what Mottahedeh said echoed precisely what two respected former liberal Democratic congressmen — Wright Patman of Texas and Jerry Voorhis of California (a self-described “Christian Socialist”) — both said for years about the Fed: that it was a privately owned money monopoly dangerous to the interests of the nation; that the Fed should be audited and brought into line, absorbed (essentially nationalized) through constitutional means, into the American economy, bringing the power of the international bankers (who dominate the Fed) to heel.
The ADL skillfully mixes truth with clever linguistic misrepresentation in order to smear innocent people. For example, noting that AFP deputy editor Mark Anderson gave a speech blaming the Federal Reserve for “conquering our country” and being “the central barrier to freedom,” the ADL gratuitously added that “the Federal Reserve is a frequent target for both anti-Semites and anti-government extremists,” although Anderson’s comments contained not one reference that could be perceived to be anti-Semitic or anti-government.
In fact, Anderson — like other critics of the Fed — believes that the federal government could do some good by abolishing the Fed or otherwise assuming management of this privately owned financial monopoly’s manipulation of America’s money system.
The ADL claimed that “most of the vitriol directed at Jews came from two prominent anti-Semites” naming Marrs and yours truly as those miscreants in question.
Claiming that “Piper has a long history of promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories,” the ADL was distressed that my talk was entitled “Why the Fight Against Jewish Zionist Power is the Central Political Issue of Our Time” and dared to reveal that the United Nations has been sidelined by the New World Order forces surrounding the Rothschild banking dynasty, which now use their financial power to control the mass media and thereby control America’s electoral system for their own insidious purposes.
Marrs’s offense—according to the ADL—was having stated quite factually that there are many Zionist Jews in positions of influence in the Obama administration and for daring to demonstrate historical facts that indicate that Zionist Judaism, the mercantile banking system and the communist social system are being used to dominate the world religiously, politically and economically.
But AFP and Power of Prophecy don’t stand alone in the assault from the ADL, which has now begun a smear-and-fear campaign of defamation against the popular patriot rock band Poker Face, led by Paul Topete, a long-time supporter of AFP.
Dredging up the fact that the Hutaree survivalist group of the Michigan area, now under fire from the federal authorities, had featured a Poker Face song on its own web site, the ADL blasted Topete and used its influence in Topete’s local community in southeastern Pennsylvania to arrange for publication in at least two newspapers of virtual reprints of the ADL smear.
What makes the ADL’s attack on Topete so interesting is that the ADL claims Topete is some sort of racist who is “anti-immigrant.” In fact, Topete’s father is a legal immigrant from Mexico, a point that the ADL does not mention.
The ADL implies that Topete and his group are somehow condoning or even promoting violence, and it has used its assault on Topete to extend the smears to other patriots such as John Stadtmiller, founder of the popular Republic Broadcasting Network on Internet radio.
For facts — not lies — about Topete, see his web site at
In the meantime, the Southern Poverty Law Center is making noises of its own about the “patriot” movement and has distributed a list of some forty law-abiding Americans that the SPLC says represent the face of danger to America.
What is particularly interesting is that the SPLC list includes two hard-line advocates of the Zionist agenda — Fox television celebrity Glenn Beck and Joseph Farah, a pro-Israel propagandist at World Net Daily who was once the recipient of an “outstanding journalism” award from the Zionist Organization of America — on its list.
Some have suggested this reflects an effort by the SPLC to give “cover” to Beck and Farah in order to preserve status for Beck and Farah among American patriots. This is something the SPLC has done in the past, actually naming some of its own undercover agents as “villains” for the benefit of public consumption. Others suggest naming Beck and Farah simply reflects the SPLC’s more blatantly “liberal” agenda.
The truth is, anything the ADL and SPLC say cannot be believed. A danger, however, is that both groups maintain deep and long-standing connections to high-level forces and have long been intertwined with elements of law enforcement in this country.
The ADL is known to have played a part in crafting the infamous “Patriot” Act and, like the SPLC, has been responsible for causing good people in law enforcement at all levels to be suspicious of law-abiding patriots in America. And that is not a good thing.
The ADL and SPLC are part of a growing police-state apparatus aimed at those in America who dare to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom of speech, religion and assembly — the foundation of our First Amendment that the ADL and SPLC find so dangerous.




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(Issue #19, May 10, 2010, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)