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.Vol IX .#38-39 Sept. 21-28,

Page 14, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * September 21-28, 2009 * Issue 38-39 AMERICAN FREE PRESS

All-New Evidence Discovered Proving Jim Traficant Was Victim of Frame-up

Fellow prisoner says he
was pressured by Justice
to lie about Traficant

By Michael Collins Piper

.Although the book Target: Traficant presents a wide array of evidence demonstrating that U.S. Justice Department lawyers committed a variety of outrages against Jim Traficant and many of his longtime friends in the wide-ranging effort to “get” Traficant, during his recent talk at his “welcome home” event, Traficant referenced another individual, Nnamdi J. Okolo, also victimized by the Justice Department as part of the campaign to find “evidence” to send Traficant to prison.
Traficant pointed out that the Okolo story has never been reported in the Youngstown area newspapers (which have otherwise been eager to report many negative things about Traficant over the years). Here is Traficant’s story:
“There’s a young Nigerian, a black man, who approached me at Allenwood Prison when I was walking around the track. He said to me, ‘You’re the reason I’m in prison.’ . . . I thought the guy was going to hit me and he said, ‘No, I’m not going to hit you.’
“ ‘The government pressured me to lie against you. They wanted me to lie against [Richard] Detore to pressure Detore [to give false testimony] against you.’
“He said, ‘I don’t know you from Adam, but Detore has two small children like me and I would have had to hurt Detore, too. And I’ll be honest with you, if it had been just you, I would have done what they wanted, but I just couldn’t do it to Detore.’ ”


"The only people who
are guilty of anything
here are the FBI and the
Justice Department."


Here’s a brief overview of the shocking story mentioned by Traficant:
For one month, in 1999, at a time when his own car was being repaired, Traficant rented a car from a suburban Washington, D.C. car rental agency co-owned by Nigerian-born Okolo, a resident alien.
The initial credit card security for the car was provided by the aforementioned Richard Detore who was associated with USAG, an aeronautics company that Traficant hoped would be able to provide jobs for people in his congressional district.
Okolo handled the transaction and was aware that although Detore was allowing his credit card to be used to secure the auto, Traficant was listed as the additional driver and it was understood that Traficant would pay for the actual rental when he returned the car.
However, Okolo was out of the office when the congressman returned the car and an employee improperly charged the rental to Detore’s credit card (and, in fact, was reprimanded for doing so when the mistake was brought to Okolo’s attention by Detore and Traficant).
And as Okolo later pointed out, the rental forms noted that Detore’s credit card number was marked clearly—from the beginning—for security purposes (not payment) only.
Sometime after this transaction, Okolo was charged with bank fraud relating to a number of problematic transactions involving the affairs of his business partnership with several others, and he opted to take a plea bargain agreement with the government and as a consequence was sent to federal prison at Allenwood, Pennsylvania.
Okolo had absolutely no relationship to the then-ongoing Justice Department inquiry aimed at Traficant. However, in July of 2001, federal agents contacted him. Through their own inquiries into Traficant’s affairs, they had learned that Okolo had rented the car to Traficant. Present were Okolo’s lawyer and an officer of the federal Bureau of Prisons.
The federal agents told Okolo that if he were to testify that the intent was for the car rental to have actually been paid for by Detore—in other words, that it was a disguised bribe for Traficant—that they could make his problems “go away.” Okolo asked the agents what would happen to Detore and he was told that Detore would be charged with a crime involving his dealings with Traficant and that the government would then ask Detore to testify against Traficant.
But Okolo refused to lie about his dealings with Traficant and Detore and his own problems consequently got worse: he was indicted on yet a second bank fraud charge after the federal authorities put pressure on his wife and former business associates to testify against him.
By the fall of 2002 Okolo found himself joined as an inmate at Allen by none other than Jim Traficant, who had finally been brought down through similar corrupt practices by the Justice Department.
However, less than a month after he spoke to Traficant and told Traficant how he had inadvertently become a part of the Justice Department campaign against the congressman, Okolo found himself “put on the bus” and, according to an affidavit Okolo filed with the Nigerian government, “ I was moved from prison to prison among 10 or 11 facilities in the Bureau of Prisons system for almost an entire year, during which time I was reported ‘in transit’ and wound up visiting death row in Baltimore.”
In March of 2005 Okolo was deported to Nigeria before his U.S. imprisonment was scheduled to end, but, as Okolo said in his affidavit, “If I had lied, like so many others in Congressman Traficant’s case, I would still be in the United States, with no legal or criminal or IRS problems. I want to be heard, and America should insist that I be allowed to return to my family.”
In the end, Okolo was told that if he didn’t recant the things he charged in his affidavit the U.S. immigration authorities would begin deportation proceedings against his 70-year-old parents.
And it should be noted, for the record—as described in a full chapter in the book Target: Traficant [See ad on page 14.—Ed.]—that Richard Detore (who was central to the scenario outlined by the Nigerian man) also refused to make false charges against Traficant.
Detore told the Justice Department—in words to this effect: “I didn’t bribe Traficant nor did I try to bribe him nor do I have any knowledge of any effort by anybody else to bribe Traficant. I haven’t committed a crime and I don’t know of any crimes committed by Jim Traficant and I’m not going to testify and say that Traficant committed a crime.”
What happened to Mr. Detore? He was indicted for conspiring to bribe Traficant.
However, Detore did not testify at Traficant’s trial because, at that time, he was facing a separate trial in another case and was urged by his attorneys not to.
Although that legal advice may have been justified, in that instance, Detore later charged that his attorneys, in other matters, had otherwise betrayed him and he sought new legal counsel.
Then, afterward, he did testify on Traficant’s behalf before Congress when the House Ethics Committee was holding hearings in preparation for the expulsion of Traficant from the House following his conviction. And by doing so, Detore was risking his own legal status, since anything he said in that testimony could potentially be used against him in his own upcoming trial.
However, Detore went public, before Congress, and said, essentially, “The only people who are guilty of anything here are the FBI and the Justice Department attorneys who toldme that if I didn’t lie againstTraficant that I would be indicted and possibly be convicted and sent to jail.”
People who saw the testimony said that it was overwhelming to watch and that Detore was clearly telling the truth. And those who have read the testimony concur that the substance of Detore’s testimony conclusively pointed toward illegal government maneuvering against Traficant (and Detore and Okolo) in criminal violation of all standards of the law and justice.
Yet, despite Detore’s testimony, the House Ethics Committee voted to recommend that the full House expel Traficant from Congress, which, of course, did indeed happen.
And by the way, when Detore finally went to trial, he was unanimously acquitted.
Jim Traficant’s own words summarize it best:

What has happened to America? The government is starting to pressure sons against fathers, mothers to testify against their sons. Don’t we have enough history to recognize there was another nation that did that and they killed many innocent people, didn’t they? I think it’s time we send a message.


. . ..Michael Collins Piper can be heard every week day night live on the Internet at He is the author of Final Judgment, the controversial “underground bestseller” documenting the collaboration of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is also the author of The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America , The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within, Dirty Secrets: Crime, Conspiracy & Cover-Up in the 20th Century, The GOLEM: Israel's Hell Bomb, and Target: Traficant. These works can be found at America First Books and FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS: 1-888-699-NEWS. He has lectured on suppressed topics in places as diverse as Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Russia and Abu Dhabi.




Thousands Welcome `Jimbo' Home


by Reginald Orem


The afternoon before the big day we loaded books and 700 copies of AFP with the headlines JIM TRAFICANT SET FREE, and headed west. Six hours later, after skirting Pittsburgh, we arrived in the Rust Belt city ofYoungstown in the Mahoning Valley.
We met Eustace Mullins and his sidekick, Jesse Lee. Mullins, the premier revisionist historian of recent decades, shared more of his stunning insights.
Sunday would be a day to remember. We joined Linda Kovachik for breakfast. She and a legion of volunteers—many wearing JIMBO T-shirts—were ready to swing into action. A Washington Post reporter came by. We gave her a copy of Mike Piper’s Target: Traficant, telling her to read it to learn why the Justice Department, the IRS, the media and other entities had to bring “Jimbo” down.
The doors of the giant banquet hall would open at 3 p.m., but people were already lining up an hour earlier. As people streamed in, some with canes or wheelchairs, they were treated to the music of ethnic string instruments of an all-girl band. Love was in the air.
Hundreds—if not a thousand—copies of AFP were distributed—hot off the press, andmany copies of Piper’s bombshell book were sold as AFP Circulation Manager Peter Papaheraklis moved through the crowd filming the festivities.
A patriotic program followed—but would Traficant actually appear? He was scheduled to arrive at 5 p.m. I joined the crowd milling as they waited, exchanging favorite stories of the Traficant legend:
• How he had refused to sign property foreclosures, not wanting to see people lose their homes. He was briefly jailed for contempt;
• How he called Congress a house of prostitutes;
• How he loathed “free trade” policies and NAFTA;
• How he pushed for buy-American programs. And the list goes on: pro-labor, anti-IRS, anti-Iraq and Afghanistan wars, pro securing our borders, anti unlimited support of Israel. Unemployment inYoungstown officially is 14 percent (probably much higher).
“If we can take care of people all over the world, damn it, we can take care of our people here,” Traficant once said.
But as the local newspaper, The Vindicator, notes: Traficant had a huge target on his back—as a result of embarrassing the FBI, the IRS, and the Justice Department.
Then a thunderous, standing ovation greeted Jimbo as he made his way to the stage with his wife Tish. He had not let the faithful down. People around me were crying and the audience remained standing for the half hour that he spoke.
His message? He demanded that people take back their government.
At the conclusion of his talk he was presented with a striking framed portrait on stage titled: “Jim Traficant: American Hero” in big, bold letters.
The citation reads: “This tribute to Jim Traficant— who was unlawfully prosecuted and sent to prison for crimes he did not commit, based on false charges concocted by corrupt elements in the federal government, aided and abetted by self-styled mainstream media in America—is sponsored by AMERICAN FREE PRESS, the only newspaper to tell the truth about the railroading of this courageous congressman.”
We bade farewell to our newfriends—hosts of honest, hardworking middleclass Americans—and headed east in the rain.

* * * * * * *

Reg Orem is an AFP reader and energetic political activist. He accompanied AFP’s Pete Papaheraklis to the Traficant welcome home gathering. This is his account of the event.



(Issue #38-39, Sept. 21-28, 2009, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)