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.Vol VIII .#37-38 Sept 15-22,


Sarah Palin Suddenly the Darling Of Media Powerbrokers—Why?

By Michael Collins Piper


.DON’T LET THE RHETORIC FROM the Republican camp fool you. The fact is that powerful forces in the American mass media— led by the ostensibly “liberal” Washington Post —are acting as not-so-subtle cheerleaders for the McCain-Palin campaign. In fact, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the energetic and attractive GOP vice presidential nominee, has become an obvious “darling” of the Post in the weeks following her surprise selection as John McCain’s running mate.
The Post has been regularly featuring a variety of stories hyping Mrs. Palin’s growing base of support, actively promoting her as a major political powerhouse who may well prove to be the key to a Republican victory in November. In some respects, the Post has been hinting that the bottom has essentially fallen out of the Obama campaign, that Obama’s momentum has stalled as a result of Mrs. Palin’s elevation to the national stage.
On September 13 the Post actually rushed to Mrs. Palin’s defense in a particularly unusual and telling way. In the wake of Mrs. Palin’s first major interview, with ABC’s Charlie Gibson, there was a predictable knee-jerk critical reaction from “liberal” voices in the media, wherein Mrs. Palin was denounced for her somewhat vague (and apparently unknowing) response to Gibson’s inquiry as to what her views were of the so-called Bush Doctrine. However, in contrast, the Post averred in a front-page story there are “many versions of ‘Bush Doctrine’—Palin’s confusion in the interview is understandable, experts say.”
The Post assessment went on to say that many so-called “experts” were in agreement that there is essentially no single “Bush Doctrine,” although, generally, what is said to be that doctrine is the unlawful theory that the United States can engage in pre-emptive strikes against perceived enemies, as in the attack on Iraq (and a potential bombing of Iran).
That the Post would engage in providing excuses for Mrs. Palin’s seeming lack of knowledge about the Bush Doctrine, particularly by citing “experts” in her defense, is significant. The Post was effectively telling the Washington insiders who take their leads from the Post—which is, in reality, far more influential in the minds of power brokers in the nation’s capital than even the vaunted New York Times—that Mrs. Palin can not easily be dismissed as a lightweight. The Post was sending a not-so-subtle message that Mrs. Palin may well be the next vice president and that people might as well be prepared to accept it. That the Post was even moved to publish this defense of Mrs. Palin is quite telling. Editorially, on September 14, the Post assured its readers that Mrs. Palin’s interview with Gibson was “neither disqualifying nor reassuring,” that it demonstrated the need for Mrs. Palin to express her views in more forums for public consideration.
Although Republicans and their shills in “conservative” talk radio and in the Fox News crowd will be squealing that “the liberal media is out to get Sarah because she’s a good Christian lady and a solid conservative,” it’s not quite as simple as that. By attacking Mrs. Palin, the liberal forces in the media (who would attack any Republican candidate) are actually solidifying her base of support and, at the same time, undoubtedly winning converts to the McCain-Palin ticket among independents and others who will resent the attacks on this undeniably attractive and appealing female candidate at the national level.
In the meantime, a number of small-circulation but nonetheless influential media voices, such as The New Yorker magazine and the vociferously pro-Israel New Republic (now owned by the Zionist Asper publishing dynasty of Canada) have acknowledged—in a roundabout fashion—the organized crime connections of John McCain’s wife’s family fortune, a detail first unveiled nationally by The Spotlight in 2000 and now widely publicized by American Free Press and sources on the Internet that have picked up on AFP’s reportage, without crediting AFP, of course.
The reports in The New Yorker and The New Republic were, in contrast to AFP’s coverage, rather circumspect and hardly detailed.
However, the facts about McCain’s family ties to the Lansky-Bronfman crime syndicate (sometimes called “the Jewish Mafia”) have not generally reached the U.S. public through popular “mainstream” media.
Nor are the Democrats likely to broach the subject, since the facts about the “Arizona connection” to the Jewish mob would pry open the uncomfortable fact that the Lansky-Bronfman syndicate controlled both major political parties in Arizona, through the aegis of the syndicate’s front man, the late Kemper Marley whose chief henchman for many years was John McCain’s father-in-law, the late Jim Hensley. Hensley was rewarded by Marley and his behind-the-scenes sponsors for service to the syndicate with the beer distributorship franchise (now owned by Mrs. McCain) that is said to be worth more than $100 million.
Rather than focusing on the organized crime source of the McCain fortune, the Democrats, instead, have been playing “class politics” by hyping the fact that the McCain fortune has made it possible for the McCain family to have seven homes, suggesting that McCain is an elitist out of touch with the common man. Discussion of the Jewish mob connection is thus considered out of bounds—a taboo subject.


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(Issue #39, September 29, 2008, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)