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.Vol VII .#21 May 21, 2007


Page 14, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * May 21, 2007 Behind the Scenes with Michael Collins Piper

Who Rules Washington?

Top neo-con Zionist ideologue reveals much,
while trying to suppress the truth

By Michael Collins Piper


.The ever-arrogant and fanatically pro-Israel psychiatrist-turned-pundit, neo-conservative propagandist Charles Krauthammer, has acknowledged—perhaps indirectly, but acknowledged nonetheless—that Zionist influence runs rampant throughout the media and power centers in official Washington, ranging from those on the “left” to those on the “right.” Oddly, by distorting the truth, Krauthammer is actually telling us the truth, even if he has left out some pertinent details.
In a May 4 column in The Washington Post, Krauthammer— whose exuberant support for Israel has never known even the most temperate bounds—issued a blustering attack on former CIA Director George Tenet.
Distressed by the fact that Tenet’s memoir, recently released, had tough words for Krauthammer’s neo-conservative circle, charging that clique with promoting the American war against Iraq, knowing that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, Krauthammer charged Tenet with “rewriting history.”
While, as we know all too well, Tenet played along with the pro-Israel hardliners in the Bush administration— although he was never considered to be one of them, or, to any degree, even allied with them—Tenet was recognized by informed observers to be suspicious of the neo-conservatives, despite the fact that he offered no public opposition to their schemes. The same can be said for former Secretary of State Colin Powell.
So it was no surprise that the former CIA director hit the neo-conservatives in his new book for their behind-the- scenes manipulations and their public blustering in the build-up for war.
Now Krauthammer places Tenet squarely among those whom he believes are “rewriting history” by promoting what Krauthammer calls “one of the major myths (or, more accurately, conspiracy theories) about the Iraq war.” That myth, said Krauthammer, is that the war “was foisted upon an unsuspecting country by a small band of neo-conservatives.”
According to Krauthammer, opposition to Saddam was widespread. He then goes on to name those who supported the war, ranging from Republican presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain of Arizona to all of the main Democratic presidential contenders who were in the United States Senate at the time that body voted to endorse the drive for war: Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Joe Biden and Chris Dodd.
Then Krauthammer laid out the list of the media voices who lined up in support of the war, including ex- CIA man William F. Buckley, Jr.’s National Review and the liberal New Republic, and noted that while most neo-conservatives supported the war, the case for the war “was also being made by journalists and scholars from every point on the political spectrum—from the leftist Christopher Hitchens to the liberal Tom Friedman to the centrist Fareed Zakaria to the center-right Michael Kelly to the Tory Andrew Sullivan.”
Krauthammer also focused on the Bush administration itself, saying that “The decision to go to war was made by a war cabinet consisting of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell and Donald Rumsfeld. No one in that room could even remotely be considered a neo-conservative. Nor could the most important non-American supporter of the war to this day—Tony Blair, father of new Labor.”
In this regard, Krauthammer is adopting the silly and sarcastic stance—which has been heard occasionally in the pro-Israel media—that rather than the idea that the Israeli lobby and its supporters were prime movers behind the war, a contradictory case can be made that black Americans, instead, were prime movers behind the Iraq war because of the fact that two of the top figures in the foreign policy apparatus of the Bush administration— former Secretary of State Powell and then- National Security Advisor Rice—are black.
Pro-Israel ideologues who have advanced this argumentative analogy seem to miss the point that black Americans (no matter how coddled they may be by the mainstream media) don’t have the well-heeled lobby (funded by some of the richest American families and financial groups) that exists in the form of the Israeli lobby in Washington and all of the pro-Israel political action committees at its command.
And this brings the matter full circle. What Krauthammer conveniently failed to mention, in his grand listing of those from both the “left” and the “right” and those in-between, along with the diverse names of Democrats and Republicans alike, is the fact that all of them—every columnist, every magazine, every politician— has long been inextricably bound to the Israeli lobby, whether, in the case of the office seekers, through the receipt of campaign contributions and other favors or, in the case of the pundits, through their own pro-Israel ideological bent that drove them to line up in support of the war, precisely because it was a war that Israel desired.
In contrast, American Free Press strongly opposed the Iraq adventure often declaring that it was hurtful to America, unwinnable and lost from the start and could serve only the interests of Israel.
So while Krauthammer boasted of the across-the-board support for the war, he left out the primary reason for that support: the fact—one which everybody in Washington knows—that the Israeli lobby rules supreme in the capital of the most powerful nation on the planet. And that says something about who rules the world today.


. . ..A journalist specializing in media critique, Michael Collins Piper is the author of Final Judgment, the controversial “underground bestseller” documenting the collaboration of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is also the author of The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, The Judas Goats, and Dirty Secrets, all available from America First Books and FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS: 1-888-699-NEWS. He has lectured on suppressed topics in places as diverse as Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Russia and Abu Dhabi.

(Issue #21, May 21, 2007, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)