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..Vol VII . .#3 . January 15, 2007 .


Page 11, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * January 15, 2007 Behind the Scenes with Michael Collins Piper

Nationalists Form
Axis of Survival

Manifesto urges coalition to resist
the Zionist New World Order

sign the Axis of Survival Manifesto

By Michael Collins Piper


. In the midst of his campaign to promote wars of aggression against all nations that are real, perceived or potential enemies of Israel—and, by extension, the United States, as Israel’s chief defender on the global stage—President George W. Bush insinuated the phrase “axis of evil” into the international lexicon.
The choice of the term “axis” (as used by Bush) was dreamed up by Bush speech writer David Frum, a Canadian-born pro-Israel advocate of long standing.
The adoption of this terminology by a skilled Zionist propagandist and then fed to the U.S. president for regurgitation was deliberate and contrived since it cleverly harked back to the old image of the evil “Axis Powers” of World War II, comprising Germany, Japan and Italy.
After all, the Axis Powers—led by Adolf Hitler, often said to be the “baddest” man in world history—long exemplified evil in the minds of most Americans whose news diets are supplemented with daily reminders of Axis infamy, including the ever-present “Holocaust.”
In fact, the effort to compare modern-day critics of U.S. favoritism for Israel (an ever-growing class of nations and people around the globe) to America’s World War II enemies has been part of a long-standing Bush administration scheme to paint Israel’s foes as a modern-day incarnation of the old Axis powers.
Bush and his Israeli allies—and their advocates in the mainstream mass media—have repeatedly warned of “new Hitlers,” such as the late Saddam Hussein of Iraq, and, more recently, of supposed dangers posed by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. They have raised voices of concern about the rise of what they call “Islamo-fascism.” The threat of what Bush called “the Axis of Evil” is said to remain in force, calling for renewed American efforts to put an end to this purported danger.


In the face of all of this, two outspoken nationalists, representing like-minded patriots in their own respective lands, have turned the tables on Bush and the Zionist warlords and have appropriated the term “axis” and have used it in a positive, forward-looking sense.
Nationalists from two of the so-called “Axis Powers” of World War II—Japan and Germany—have revived the concept of an “axis” and they call it the “Axis of Survival.”
It could portend growing nationalism—and opposition to the so-called New World Order that Bush and his allies represent—all across the planet.
Meeting in Tokyo, Japan on Nov. 9, veteran German nationalist Manfred Roeder and his Japanese counterpart Ryu Ohta, chairman of the Society for the Critique of Contemporary Civilization, hammered out the official “Manifesto of the Axis of Survival” and signed it in the presence of witnesses who endorsed the nationalist spirit of the document, which has been issued in German, Japanese and English. The manifesto is a candid and forthright challenge to the internationalism of those who advocate war and imperialism while hiding their evil motivation behind expressions of freedom and democracy.
American Free Press is pleased to publish, for the first time ever in the English language, this rendition of the manifesto as provided to AFP by Dr. Ohta. 


Oswald Spengler once wrote the book The Decline of the West.
If there ever was a Western civilization it was destroyed in two World Wars by the Western Powers—England and the United States of America—directed by Jewish forces in the background.
There is no more a civilization of Western values.
World War II was not only directed against European values but it was also meant to subvert all basic values of East and West. Therefore it was also a way of destruction against Japan as fortress of basic Eastern values.
Representatives of Japan and Germany have joined in the same conviction: that if the world is meant to survive, a totally new path must be shown.
These are the facts:

• Britain, the United States and Israel are the forces against the rest of the world, determined to dominate and exploit all nations.
• In Nuremberg and Tokyo they have demonstrated by manipulated mock trials that they are not satisfied by mere military victory but are determined to declare any man or nation as evil and criminal who are standing in their way of world power.
• They have brutally killed and demonized the elected leaders of Germany and Japan. They have killed millions after the war and hanged the heroes of vanquished nations.
• There can be no “New World Order” under their dominance, like the United Nations, NATO or any other international organizations in which they are giving the rules. This is not acceptable for other nations, because Britain, the United States and Israel are committing—up to this day—all the crimes they are accusing others of committing.

We solemnly declare:

• There should be no world order under the leadership of one. There is no common culture for all the nations;
• Profit can never be the basis of culture;
• Belief in technical progress as the essence of life will destroy all culture and human dignity. It turns humans into soulless machines;

• Every nation has its own roots and cultural and religious heritage, and it should maintain and preserve them. Every nation has a different tradition and spiritual roots; every nation should have her own system of government;
• Every nation needs an elite of leadership—but not necessarily political parties;
• Not so-called progress, but historical roots, basic values and hence heritage is needed for mankind.

Japan and Germany were comrades in arms, and suffered the same fate and destruction. We feel a common commitment to show a better way for the future:
• No domination by Britain, the United States or Israel;
• Join us to build a world of truly independent nations;
• Stop devastating nature for profit;
• Stop global financial multinational corporate power from taking over;
• We need cooperation instead of domination and exploitation.
Help us to prevent global suicide. And strengthen our Axis for Survival, before it is too late. Signed in Tokyo, November 9, 2006

Tokyo, Japan
Schwarzenborn, Germany

. . ..A journalist specializing in media critique, Michael Collins Piper is the author of Final Judgment, the controversial “underground bestseller” documenting the collaboration of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is also the author of The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, The Judas Goats, and Dirty Secrets, all available from FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS and America First Books. He has lectured on suppressed topics in places as diverse as Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Russia and Abu Dhabi.

(Issue #3, January 15, 2007, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)