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Readers of this newspaper know that the media is the enemy. But perhaps never before in recent memory has this been so apparently and consistently clear as when watching mainstream media coverage of the Iran Holocaust conference. Facts were few and far between with vitriolic invective filling the gaps. Thank goodness, AFP correspondent Michael Collins Piper was on the spot. Catch up on what really happened in Iran with our special 8-page exclusive report.

See THE IRAN CONFERENCE, Pages B-1 through B-8

B-1, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * January 1 & 8, 2007 An American Free Press On the Scenes Report with Michael Collins Piper

What Really Happened in Iran

By Michael Collins Piper

. . .What follows is a first-hand account of what did—and did not—take place at the historic Holocaust conference in Iran on December 11-12. The author, AFP correspondent Michael Collins Piper, was one of the speakers at the conference. Earlier this year Piper met with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad when the Iranian leader visited New York City for the opening of the United Nations General Assembly.

By Michael Collins Piper
. . Tehran.
ake this for what it’s worth: what you may have heard on television or radio or read in your daily newspaper about the now-infamous international conference on the Holocaust in Iran is largely untrue, or, at the very least, seriously distorted and very much misrepresented.
. In some respects, the conference was largely painted as a rally of anti-Semites, white racists, and Muslim extremists, when nothing could be further from the truth.
. . Instead, the conference — which included some 67 invited researchers from 30 different countries—was a diverse and eclectic gathering which not only featured a group of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jewish rabbis but also included Black speakers from the African continent, as well as Palestinian Muslim attendees and European academics who insisted that the Holocaust, as it is popularly remembered, did happen, that it was a major tragedy in which many millions of Jews
were deliberately exterminated.
. . .Thus, the false image presented by the media—that the conference was some sort of “hatefest,” dedicated entirely to the proposition of what has been called “Holocaust denial”—is anything but the truth.
. . Thus, if anything, the tone of the conference itself was one of genuine open debate and freedom of expression, perhaps the first time ever in modern history that an international gathering actually addressed literally “all” sides of the controversy surrounding the events referred to as “the Holocaust.”
. . .So the truth is that there were many very different points of view being expressed at the conference, and they were hardly in agreement on any particular issue except for one possible general area of convergence: the concept that the Holocaust has been used as a political tool to steal 8,019 square miles of Palestine for the Zionist scheme to eventually take over the entire Mideast.
. . .In addition, however, there were many speakers—including voices from the Arab and Muslim world—who put forth the notion that it is the United States and Britain, as imperial powers, that are more so to blame for the dislocation of the Palestinian Christians and Muslims of the Middle East— rather than Israel itself.

This photograph by Iranian filmmaker Nader Talebzadeh shows a general view of the audience which comprised honored guests, speakers, members of the media allowed access to the event. At far right is Dr. Robert Faurisson. Just to the left is Dr. Fredrick Töben of the Adelaide Institute. Above, resident Ahmadinejad listens intently during one of the lectures. Lady Michele Renouf of Britain was in attendance. Both she and Dr. Toben spoke at the AFP-TBR Free Speech Conference in September this year. Also in attendance was AFP European correspondent George Kadar, who gave invaluable assistance to AFP during the conference.


. . .Israel, these speakers said—and there were many reflecting this point of view—was not the problem, per se, but rather the guilty parties responsible for the ongoing crisis in Palestine are the imperial American and British powers that brought Israel into being as an outpost for their geopolitical designs in the region.
. . .Many took the position that the basic story of the Holocaust, as it has been told in the media, was essentially what happened, but that whatever happened—to whatever degree—did not justify Israel’s ongoing treatment of the Palestinian people.
. . .One speaker in particular broke the basic mold of the conference. That was Lady Michele Renouf of Britain. Acknowledging the potentially inflammatory nature of her remarks, Lady Renouf suggested that the root of the modern day conflicts between Jewish people and the people of Palestine has more historic antecedents, going back through the centuries.
. . .Lady Renouf asserted that the often hateful (and indeed racist) attitudes toward non-Jews expressed in the Jewish religious reflections in the collective works known as the Talmud were the root of much opposition to Jewish people in the nations of the West. This in itself, she said, could be partial explanation for the foundational concerns of so many Europeans who supported measures taken by the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler to curtail the influence of the Jews of Europe before and during World War II.
. . .Although the Western media relished pointing out that controversial American author, Dr. David Duke, who has been teaching political science in recent years at a prestigious private university in Kiev, Ukraine, was among the speakers—always harkening back to the already well-known fact that 30 years ago Duke was involved in the Ku Klux Klan—Duke was no more “featured” as a speaker than any of the wide-ranging number of speakers from around the globe, people of all races, creeds and colors.
. . .And for the record, it should be noted, as the accompanying article points out, the mass media actually distorted what the articulate Duke really did say, literally putting words (and propositions) in his mouth that Duke never uttered once during his remarks to the conference.
. . .Duke’s primary emphasis was not focused on the truth—or the lies—about the Holocaust, rather instead on the need for all nations to recognize and support freedom of speech and thought, no matter what the issue, no matter what special interest group might have the intention of dictating what can or can not be discussed about a particular subject.
. . .So again, the mass media version of events was once again entirely off the mark of reality. It was, instead, a mass of lies. And it is to Duke’s credit that he took advantage of the mass media’s focus on his attendance at the conference to correct the record for those who care to know the truth.




. . .In the end, given the many differences of opinion among those who lectured and attended the conference, what was probably the most profound result (and perhaps the original aim itself) of this momentous gathering was the very fact that this conference directly challenged perhaps the most hallowed icon of modern history, the Holocaust, and made clear and enunciated in no uncertain terms the basic principle that there can be no restrictions (by any single nation or ethnic group) on the discussion of historical events as those who have controlled the discussion of the Holocaust insist there must be.
. . .That the conference was actually sponsored by the Institute for Political and International Studies, a division of the foreign ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, was momentous indeed: this was the first time that any government since World War II dared to acknowledge the fact that there are serious questions being raised about the specifics of the Holocaust.
. . .But the truth is that, since the end of World War II, there have been countless (and often unsung) historians and researchers who have diligently devoted their resources (often at risk to life and limb) to ferreting out the truth. Those relentless truth-seekers have been subjected to an unending campaign of hatred by the mass media, but with the advent of this conference the international media—as a whole—was forced to acknowledge their work, however grudgingly it may have been.
. . .Great credit must be given to Dr. Fredrick Toben, often called the “international ambassador” of the Holocaust revisionist movement, for his singularly instrumental role in helping the Iranian sponsors of the conference bring the gathering to fruition.
. . .Although Willis A. Carto, the publisher of the world’s most-widely-circulated revisionist magazine, THE BARNES REVIEW—6,500 subscribers strong—did not attend the conference, he took great satisfaction in seeing the Iran conference materialize as it did. When this reporter, who is on the editorial board of THE BARNES REVIEW, took the podium at the Iran conference, I extended Carto’s best wishes to the conference.
. . .Beyond dispute the pioneer publicist of Holocaust revisionism, responsible for the publication of hundreds of books and research papers on the topic, many of which have been translated into multiple foreign languages, thereby laying the groundwork for a burgeoning global Holocaust revisionist movement, Carto told AFP: “The Holocaust giant has feet of clay. The myth can only be sustained by suppressing the truth. But the people of the world want the truth—or at least unfettered access to the facts. What will they do now— lock up the world? Too late! Their giant is crumbling.” 

. .A journalist specializing in media critique, Michael Collins Piper is the author of Final Judgment, the controversial "underground bestseller." He is also the author of The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem and The Judas Goats all available from American Free Press and America First Books.

(Issue #1/2, January 1 & 8 2007, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)