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.Volume VI. #29/30.July 17&24, 2006




AFP's Michael Collins Piper chats with former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad

American Free Press correspondent Michael Collins Piper recently returned from a threeweek visit to Malaysia, where he spoke at a series of events held in Kuala Lumpur, the country’s capital, focusing on current events and world affairs. Piper’s visit was part of AFP’s extensive outreach program, reaching out to prominent world figures including Malaysia’s Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.


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Mike Piper standing in front of a display of his books The New Jerusalem and The High Priests of War, both translated into Malay.


American Free Press correspondent Michael Collins Piper recently returned from a three-week visit to Malaysia. For the first week, Piper was in the company of 9-11 survivor William Rodriguez and American philanthropist Jimmy Walter, both of whom have emerged as prominent critics of what they denounce as an official U.S. government cover-up of what really happened on 9-11.

The two joined Piper as speakers on a forum on current events and world affairs as part of a conference on “Islam, Humanity and World Peace,” held in conjunction with the first International Islamic Fair (IIF) — a global trade show — at the Putra World Trade Center in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, June 9-11.

The fair was held under the auspices of Saba Islamic Media, the publishing house, which distributes Piper’s books in Malaysia. In fact, it was Piper who first urged Saba to bring Rodriguez to Malaysia knowing the courageous 9-11 survivor had a message Malaysians needed to hear.

Also speaking at the conference was another individual known to AFP readers: Matthias Chang, the outspoken author of Future Fastforward: The Zionist Anglo- American Empire Meltdown, now published in its first-ever American edition by American Free Press. Chang was political secretary to, and remains a close advisor of, Malaysia’s highly regarded longtime prime minister, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, who served from 1981-2003.

Hailed as “The Father of Modern Malaysia,” Dr. Mahathir himself gave the keynote address at the conference. Afterward, the former prime minister met Piper, Rodriguez and Walter and hosted them at his private office.

After the close of the IIF, Piper remained in Malaysia for two additional weeks as a guest of Dr. Mahathir, who has been an interested reader of Piper’s books. Piper then attended the 2006 special session of the Perdana Global Peace Organization of which Dr. Mahathir is chairman.

In this week’s AFP, Piper provides an account of his remarkable experiences with his fellow Americans at the IIF and of their meeting with Dr. Mahathir. Next week, Piper will provide a summary of the peace conference conducted by Dr. Mahathir. 

Famed Dr. Mahathir Hosts AFP's Piper in Kuala Lumpur

9-11 Truth Team on board at Malaysia confab

By Michael Collins Piper

Although I had been to Malaysia on a previous visit in 2004, this recent trip was special because, for the first time, I met two fellow Americans who have been speaking out on the lies of 9-11: namely William Rodriguez — observed to have been “the last man out” of the World Trade Center’s north tower, as it collapsed around him — and Jimmy Walter who has spent millions of dollars of his own money in trying to show Americans (and the world) that we’ve been lied to (by our own government) about what really happened on 9-11.

Although I had admired their work, having read Christopher Bollyn’s accounts of their efforts in AFP, I had never seen Rodriguez or Walter “in action.” In Malaysia, I saw both good Americans stand up and speak out. All real Americans can be proud of them for what they did there: They told the truth. And the Malaysian audiences loved them.

The international audience at the fair — some 1,000 strong — was intrigued by the fact that here were Americans — including a 9-11 survivor — telling them that it was not “the Muslims” who were responsible for 9-11, but that the conspiracy went much higher and much deeper.

In my presentations, I underscored this point: The American people are being terrorized — not by Muslims — but by those pro- Zionist families and financial interests who control the American media and who use their media power to manipulate Americans into fearing and hating Muslims while those same Zionist forces are exploiting American resources and military might to wage war against the Muslim world as part of a grand design to set in place a New World Order.

Reflecting on my own published works, I noted that the assassination of John F. Kennedy, who was standing in the way of Israel’s drive to achieve an arsenal of nuclear weapons — the subject of Final Judgment — set the stage for the Iraq war and the potential for further war, even atomic conflict, in the world today; that the preeminence of the Israeli lobby in Washington and the spiraling reality of Zionist power in America — the subject of The New Jerusalem — had been stimulated by JFK’s demise, and that the rise of the hard-line “neo-conservatives” — the subject of The High Priests of War — had firmly set in place the Zionist domination of U.S. foreign policy making.

Walter made available free copies of his outstanding video, Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Reopen the 9-11 Investigation.* In his presentation he emphasized the fact that there is so much scientific evidence conflicting with the “official” findings. He said there is no question that there were other forces at work, rather than simply the impact of two jetliners, that brought down the World Trade Center towers.

Walter and
Mahathir meet

Walter pointed out the failure of NORAD in preventing the multiple attacks on 9-11, the destruction of forensic evidence, the media misinformation and mischaracterizations of events surrounding 9-11, and the ties of many key players in the tragedy to elements of U.S. and Israeli intelligence and the global military-industrial-oil-banking complex. Walter has personally financed free distribution of more than 650,000 copies of his own video and encourages others to reproduce it and distribute it. Now copies are circulating, in multiple languages, around the globe.

Rodriguez astounded listeners with his profound description of his own personal experiences on that day. Most notable in his account is the fact that there was at least one explosion in the lower levels of the north tower of the World Trade Center (WTC) seconds before a plane struck the upper floors of the tower. This alone — something that other 9-11 survivors can attest to — puts the lie to the official version of events.

Rodriguez, Walter and I were part of several forums, during which I emphasized the fact that although Rodriguez was hailed by President Bush as a “national hero” and his heroic efforts in saving probably thousands from the WTC (long after he could have fled to safety) were widely reported, the mass media in America censored the specifics of what Rodriguez heard and saw on 9-11, details that prove there has been a massive government lie about what really happened that day.

In addition, I pointed out, although Rodriguez had testified to what he heard and saw before the official 9-11 inquiry, Rodriguez’s testimony was heard behind closed doors unlike other witnesses. What he said was never mentioned in the official 9-11 report nor was it reported by the “mainstream” media in America, despite the fact, for example, that ABC interviewed Rodriguez for nine hours promising his “whole story” would be aired to the public. It never was.

Rodriguez could have continued playing his very real public role as a “hero”—which he is — and never bothered telling the whole truth. But when Rodriguez recognized that the American media and the government were censoring his story — even while Spanish-language media were accurately continuing to report what Rodriguez, who is of Puerto Rican heritage, had to say — he realized “something was going on.” That’s when he began to speak out.

In the meantime, Malaysian media outlets were interviewing us, and excerpts from our various press conferences were broadcast over several days during our visit. One story was widely reported in the Arabic media in the Middle East.

During our week in Malaysia, we also spoke at the Center for Civilizational Dialogue at the University of Malaya and at the International Islamic University where hundreds of students from around the world, including the United States, were a friendly and enthusiastic audience.

All of us, I know, take great satisfaction in knowing that now many people around the world realize that not all Americans support the insane policies of aggressive war being carried out by the Bush administration and its allies, enriching the coffers of those advancing the drive for a New World Order.

More than once, we heard it said: “We don’t hate Americans. But we do hate what George Bush and his regime are doing. And we sympathize with Americans because they are being made to fight these needless wars.”

All of this is not to suggest that Americans were the onlyspeakers at the conference. No-nonsense Malaysian attorney and author Matthias Chang gave a rousing address titled “The Killing Machine,” which was supplemented with a highly effective multimedia presentation. Although not a Muslim — he’s a Christian of Chinese descent — Chang strongly told the Muslims of Malaysia that they should stand up to the United States and Israel in the ongoing scheme to wage war against their fellow Muslims in Iran, all of which is part of a broader agenda for world domination. This, of course, is outlined in Chang’s book, Future Fastforward, available from AFP.

In a different mode, Muslim religious cleric Fadel Soliman, head of the Bridges Foundation, explained how he has seen the Western media suddenly turn millions against Muslims. Since then, he said he has worked to explain the truth about Islam to non-Muslims and to train other Muslims to do the same. In fact, the topic of media bias was a constant refrain during the conference. One lecturer, Dr. Amien Rais, one of the most popular political figures in neighboring Indonesia and former speaker of Indonesia’s house of representatives, focused on media bias. Rais urged supporting an alternative to the mass media of the West. (Ironically, the Western media has a great deal of influence even in Muslim strongholds such as Malaysia and Indonesia.)

British journalist Yvonne Ridley, now a convert to Islam, reflected on her own experiences in the media and emphasized how the media has promoted bias against Muslims. She also noted that while Bush has advocated “democracy,” the very moment the Palestinians elected a government that Bush did not like, the president moved to block aid and effectively starve the Palestinians — that is commit genocide against them.

So it is not only Americans who recognize the big problem of the American media and the pernicious role it plays in global affairs. The whole world knows what American Free Press has said from the beginning: “The Media is the Enemy.”

Following this conference, Rodriguez, Walter and I were invited for a private visit with Dr. Mahathir, the former Malaysian prime minister, at his office at the Perdana Global Peace Organization. Joining us were his former political secretary, Matthias Chang, who remains a close advisor to Dr. Mahathir, Mrs. Ridley, and Mrs. Sabariah Abdullah and Miss Abida Anwar from Saba Islamic Media, the publisher of the Malaysian editions of my books.

At that meeting, Dr. Mahathir heard the remarkable story of Rodriguez. He also held in his own hands the former master key to the World Trade Center (one of only five in existence) that Rodriguez used to open up doors to the WTC tower stairwells as part of the rescue effort before the tower collapsed.

Walter and Rodriguez explained to Dr. Mahathir of how — with the support of AFP — they have been advocating an international commission to investigate 9-11 and urged the former prime minister to establishment such a global tribunal.

Although the Western media defames Dr. Mahathir because he dares to criticize Zionism, he is a beloved figure in his own land, which he did so much to build into the powerhouse it is today. He is also an icon throughout Asia and throughout what is known as “The Third World.”

All told, the visit to Malaysia was a fantastic experience for all of us and, I am confident, has opened up more eyes to the reality of what’s happening to all good people in the world today. We do have a common enemy — our traditional enemy — against whom we have to unite. It’s that simple. 

* To obtain a copy of the video, Confronting the Evidence: A Call to Reopen the 9-11 Investigation, see the web site at or write Reopen 9-11, PO Box 3871, Santa Barbara, Ca. 93130.

Meeting Dr. Mahathir and Malaysia...

Above, AFP’s Michael Collins Piper (left) and former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad share a light moment, one of several meetings between Piper and Dr. Mahathir, during which time Piper was a guest of Dr. Mahathir’s Perdana Foundation. Dr. Mahathir and many top figures in Malaysia’s academic, intellectual and business circles have been interested readers of Piper’s books, much to the dismay of high-level circles in America that despise his writings.

Left, with a modernistic sculpture in the background, Americans Jimmy Walter and William Rodriguez are shown in the lobby of the famous Petronas Twin Towers skyscraper in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These towers actually stand taller than the ill-fated World Trade Center towers where Rodriguez survived the 9-11 terrorist tragedy. This was one of the interesting sites where Walter, Rodriguez and Piper were brought to visit by their hosts at the International Islamic Fair.

Joining former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir (third from left) and Michael Collins Piper (second from left) at Dr. Mahathir’s office are British journalist Yvonne Ridley (far left), 9-11 survivor William Rodriguez (center) and philanthropist and 9-11 film producer Jimmy Walter, Mrs. Sabariah Abdullah, chief of Saba Islamic Media, the Malaysian publisher of Piper’s books, and her assistant, Miss Abida Anwar.

9-11 survivor William Rodriguez was a “hit” with Malaysian audiences from all walks of life. Here Rodriguez (second from left) is shown with (left to right) three talented internationallypopular entertainers — Cheb Ali, Dawud Wharnsby Ali, and Zain Bhika — who provided entertainment during the International Islamic Fair at which Rodriguez, along with AFP correspondent Michael Collins Piper and philanthropist Jimmy Walter, were speakers. In the background is an on-stage re-enactment of a traditional Malay wedding.


. . ..A journalist specializing in media critique, Michael Collins Piper is the author of Final Judgment, the controversial “underground bestseller” documenting the collaboration of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is also the author of The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, The Judas Goats, and Dirty Secrets, all available from America First Books and FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS. He has lectured on suppressed topics in places as diverse as Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Russia and Abu Dhabi.

(Issue #29/30, July 17&24, 2006, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)