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.American Free Press
...Volume VI. #7.February 13, 2006.


P. 21, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * February 13, 2006... Behind the Scenes
with Michael Collins Piper

Israeli Intrigue Backfires
in Hamas Victory

Palestinians Elect Terror Group First Funded by Zionists

By Michael Collins Piper

One of Israel’s dirtiest secrets — if given the attention it deserves — would rock the world of American Christian fundamentalist supporters of Israel: the fact that Israeli intelligence initially provided funding and tactical support for the Islamic Resistance Movement, popularly known as Hamas, that recently won control of the Palestinian parliament.

Why in the world would Israel have funded Hamas? The fact that Israel did indeed prop up and help stimulate the growth of the organization that soon evolved into what has been called Israel’s deadliest enemy is no secret to those literate folks who dare to go beyond the hit-and-run “journalism” of the major broadcast networks or televised sermonizing from the likes of Muslim-hating fanatics such as Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and Tim LaHaye.

As long ago as June 18, 2002, even the United Press International, which is certainly about as “mainstream” as the media can get, published a revealing article by Richard Sale which outlined, in some detail, the fact that Israel funded Hamas for the very purpose of undermining the secular, more conservative and nationalist-oriented Palestinian leadership of the late Yassir Arafat. It was that simple, that tactical, and about as Orwellian as anything in the geopolitical world today.

This is not to suggest that Hamas is a “tool” of Israel. Far from it. In fact, Hamas has clearly captured the support of many Palestinians who do not necessarily share its Islamic focus. Although the Israelis first viewed Hamas as an effective thorn in the side of the Palestinian leadership, they had no idea that the movement would blossom and ultimately win the hearts of the majority of the Palestinians.

So the irony is that while supporters of Israel today are crying “boo hoo” and saying “ain’t it awful them evil terrorists won those elections” many of them have no idea that it was Israel that helped steer Hamas along in the first place.

Some behind-the-scenes schemers in Israel — who have never truly been committed to the so-called “peace process” despite their public pronouncements to the contrary — also apparently saw Hamas in its earliest days as a counter-balance against any Palestinian moves toward peace with Israel. In other words, as long as Hamas had enough influence, it would prevent the peace process from going forward; as a consequence, then, Israel could point toward Hamas terrorists — and the Palestinian moderates who “can’t control their own people” — as the roadblock to peace.

Critics of Israel say that now perhaps the Hamas victory will chasten little Israel and convince the country, once and for all, that it must stop playing covert games and engaging
in intrigues that do nothing but create trouble not only for Israel but for the entire world. 

. . ..A journalist specializing in media critique, Michael Collins Piper is the author of Final Judgment, the controversial “underground bestseller” documenting the collaboration of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is also the author of The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, The Judas Goats, and Dirty Secrets, all available from America First Books and FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS. He has lectured on suppressed topics in places as diverse as Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Russia and Abu Dhabi.

(Issue #7, February 13, 2006, American Free Press)