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...Volume VI. #1/2. Jan 2&9, 2006.


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Israel Without
Her Mascara On

Hard-hitting book claims ‘new Sanhedrin’ warring against Christianity

By Michael Collins Piper

Over the past several years the name “Mark Glenn” has become familiar to people worldwide via the Internet. Those who have accessed Internet news and information relating to the problems surrounding the state of Israel and its aggressive imperial aims in historic Palestine and beyond have had the opportunity to read Glenn’s eloquent writings. And now, with the release of Glenn’s book, No Beauty in the Beast, much of Glenn’s writings, previously available only on the world wide web, is now accessible for those who don’t care for the glare of the computer screen.

Anyone who is familiar with the problem of Israel and honest enough to acknowledge that Israel is indeed just that — a problem — knows full well that there are three consistent components in Israel’s mode of operation and in America’s continuing support for Israel: 1) lies, 2) bullying, and 3) double standards. In No Beauty in the Beast, Mark Glenn demonstrates, beyond any doubt, that Israel “without her mascara” is no beauty, but, instead, a beast.

That, of course, is an inflammatory thesis to those who have come to believe in the message of “the beauty of Israel.” This point has been pounded into their eyes and ears and thus into their brains by the tired-and-worn pro-Israel propaganda emanating from the print and broadcast mass media in America. But for those who are open-minded and capable of digesting unpleasant realities, Glenn’s book is a feast for truth-starved folks who appreciate honesty.

While Glenn’s words are often hard-hitting, his writing style is elegant and eloquent and is founded on the basis of his deeply felt Christian beliefs. A native-born American of Lebanese descent, this proud father of six children is a former schoolteacher whose broad historic and cultural knowledge is apparent. Because Glenn taught American history and the history of Western Civilization, as well as Latin, Italian, French and Spanish, his writings reflect a remarkable bundle of learning that vibrantly and conclusively contradicts the recent claim by hardline Zionist ideologue Richard Perle that critics of Israel and U.S. policy toward Israel are “illiterate.”

In a day when Christianity is often treated by the controlled media as some form of fatal virus, Glenn is an unapologetic Christian who minces no words in defending Christianity and pulls no punches in daring to outline — in their own words — some of the vile, anti-Christian teachings of those who put Israel and the Zionist cause first, last and always.

Glenn is not afraid to point out that what he calls “The New Sanhedrin” is engaged in an open and vicious war against Christianity. And in a time when targeting the Muslim peoples for attack and defamation has become the favorite sport of the American media (even by some so-called American “nationalist” organizations), Glenn does not hesitate to say, candidly and forthrightly, that “concerned, conservative Christians should remember (or else come to realize) that it is not the Koran, the Islamic religion or its adherents whom they need to fear.”

“This fear they have adopted,” writes Glenn, “is nothing more than a program of managed sentiments that those who control the flow of information have imposed upon Christians and for obvious reasons.”

Instead, says Glenn, America’s Christians should recognize that their real enemy is those who “literally decide who becomes president, where and against whom America goes to war, and what information people in America see, hear and read.”

One particularly valuable chapter in No Beauty is an eye-opening compilation of direct quotations from these sorry and sordid characters, along with a fascinating overview of some valuable (and sometimes forgotten) quotations from those brave few who have dared to publicly challenge the power of Israel and Zionism.

Another especially interesting chapter entitled “With Friends Like These” is a candid overview of Israel’s crimes against not only the Christian and Muslim Palestinian Arabs, but against America and the rest of the world. This essay lays to rest the outrageously false theme that Israel is somehow “America’s best friend.”

This attractive 303-page paperbound classic is a compendium of historical truth devoted to traditional Christian ideals of justice and fair play, hitting the lies, bullying and double standards put forth by Israel and her American adherents of which there are unfortunately too many today.

You can order No Beauty in the Beast (at $23 per copy including postage) or Glenn’s previous volume, the equally satisfying Not My Words But Theirs (at $13 per copy including postage) from JTB Publications, P.O. Box 27, Careywood, Idaho 83809. For foreign orders, add $3 extra per volume; No credit cards. Both volumes are also available as e-books at Glenn’s web site at 

. . ..A journalist specializing in media critique, Michael Collins Piper is the author of Final Judgment, the controversial “underground bestseller” documenting the collaboration of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is also the author of The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem, The Judas Goats, and Dirty Secrets, all available from FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS and America First Books. He has lectured on suppressed topics in places as diverse as Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Russia and Abu Dhabi.

(Issue #1/2, January 2&9, 2006, American Free Press)