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  Sources of softcover and ebooks versions of Mike Piper's works
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  Mike Piper hosted shows on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN). His talk shows are also archived at:


America First Books (
  Carries Mike Piper's works as competitively priced ebooks with look inside features.
American Free Press (
  Michael Collins Piper was a correspondent for this weekly newspaper since its inception in 2001. He left in 2014. Prior to this, for more than two decades, he wrote for The SPOTLIGHT. This was the direct ancestor of the American Free Press.
Barnes Review (
  A journal of nationalist thought and history.
American Free Press Bookstore (formerly First Amendment Books)
  Run by the American Free Press, this online bookstore carried softcover versions of Mike Piper's books as well as some ebooks.
Michael Collins Piper Blog at
  Michael Collins Piper periodically entered views to complement his RBN talk show and American Free Press articles. This web site is no longer online.
Wing TV with Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani. (
  Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliania offer hard-hitting commentary. They produced Dirty Secrets, a collection of Mike Piper's writings and interviews.