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Michael Collins Piper chats with former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad during his visit to Kuala Lumpur in June 2006

MICHAEL COLLINS his own words...

On May 16, 2006 on the Greg Szymanski Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN) show, Mike commented.

...I have always been interested in politics since I was about seven or eight years old. I actually started out being interested in the history of the Civil War. From there it developed into a growing interest in U.S. political affairs in general.

During the Vietnam War as a child I was very much against the war because I was just instinctively antiwar. And then I eventually saw the effect that the war had on my older brother, who was actually drafted and went to Vietnam.

He is dead today. He survived the Vietnam War, but he never completely recovered from the physical and psychological impact of the war.

In any case, being very, very anti-war, I started studying U.S. foreign policy. By the time I was about 16 years old, I had pretty much come to the conclusion one of the real powder kegs for U.S. foreign policy was the Middle East. And that was precisely I determined because of all-out U.S. support for Israel. And there is no question but that there is all-out U.S. support for Israel.

As a consequence of that, I believe that we were victim of the 9-11 terrorist attacks. Whoever was responsible for 9-11, it was a direct outgrowth of the U.S. involvement in the Middle East, number one, involvement on behalf of Israel.

And number two, of couse, we have found ourselves embroiled in this war in Iraq. And now if the Zionists and their controlled politicians like George W. Bush had their way, we will get into a war against Iran.

So, needless to say, as I have always said I say it on my program all the time I say it any time I am interviewed anywhere. The one thing which is consistent about U.S. Middle East policy is the fact that it is based on lies, bullying and double standards.

As a consequence of my interest in the Middle East, I obviously did a lot of reading on the topic. I discovered back in the mid to late 1980's that there was one aspect of U.S. Middle East policy that was hardly explored at all in most published material on the subject. That was the fact that John F. Kennedy was engaged in a secret behind the scenes war with Israel, over Israel's drive to build nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

As we all know, nuclear weapons of mass destruction were at the center of the war against Iraq and certainly at the center of the intended war by the Zionist and their bought and paid for politicians in America. That is the subject of their drive for war against Iran.

So as I began to explore I was always interested in the Kennedy assassination, being interesting in politics I began to see that all the published works on the Kennedy assassination, there was never anything mentioned about JFK's war with Israel.

And what is even more interesting, I think and I am sure the listeners of RBN (Republic Broadcasting Network) will appreciate it in all the mass media in America, John F. Kennedy was always portrayed as a strong and dear friend of Israel. They tell the old myth that John F. Kennedy was the first President to really become a friend of Israel. They talk about how John F. Kennedy sent Israel weapons.

What they do not mention, of course, is the fact that the reason why JFK sent Israel conventional weapons was because Israel was black-mailing and saying, "If you do not send us conventional weapons we are going to build nuclear weapons." But of course they intended to do it anyway.

The biographical summary from Final Judgment, Sixth Edition (2005) below picks up where the Szymanski interview left off:


There's no doubt about it — Michael Collins Piper, the author of Final Judgment, is one of the Israeli lobby's primary targets today. Repeatedly and bitterly attacked by propagandists for Israel, Piper is undaunted, despite the fact his life was publicly threatened by Irv Rubin, violent leader of the terrorist Jewish Defense League. Once, after discovering an illicit wiretap on his home telephone, Piper noted wryly, 'The Vatican didn't put it there."

In the style of his combative, colorful great-great-grandfather, famed bridge builder "Colonel" John Piper — surrogate father and early business partner of industrial giant Andrew Carnegie — the outspoken author relishes any opportunity to confront his many critics head-on, although generally they refuse to debate him. Like his ancestor, Michael Collins Piper is also a bridge builder in his own way ...

In recent years, he has lectured across the globe in places as diverse as Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates; Moscow, Russia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Tokyo, Japan and across Canada. Police-state-minded advocates of war and imperialism have been disturbed at Piper's energetic efforts to forge links of common understanding among peoples of all creeds and colors. Once described as "'The American Voltaire" — recalling the Enlightenment crusader against bigotry and tyranny — Michael Collins Piper is truly the author the Israeli lobby loves to hate ...

Widely known as a lover of dogs, cats and all animals and an unapologetic old-style American progressive in the LaFollette-Wheeler tradition, Piper considers the labels of "liberal" and "conservative" archaic, artificial and divisive, manipulative media buzzwords designed to suppress popular dissent and free inquiry. Once offered a lucrative assignment in a covert intelligence operation in Africa, Piper turned it down, preferring his independence — a position in keeping with his ethnic heritage: another of Piper's great-great-grandfathers was a full-blooded American Indian.

Twenty years before the major media discovered the "neo-conservative" cabal that pushed America into the Iraq war, Piper was reporting on their intrigues. In 2004, in The High Priests of War, he assembled a fascinating overview of their insidious record, the first book ever published on the subject. In his provocative 2005 work, The New Jerusalem, Piper confronted the controversial issue of Zionist power in America, a detailed exposition unlike any ever assembled by any modern author. Piper's authoritative lecture to the Zayed Centre, the Arab League think tank, on the topic of American media bias, has been distributed worldwide.

Sourcing much of his work from his own massive library of some 10,000 volumes, Piper writes for American Free Press, the Washington-based national weekly, and in the historical journal, The Barnes Review. One media critic hailed Piper as one of the top 25 best writers on the Internet today.

Throughout his career, Piper led the way on several major stories. In 1987, he was the first to expose the Justice Department frame-up of Pennsylvania State Treasurer Budd Dwyer that led to Dwyer's shocking public suicide. Piper was also the first to expose San Francisco-based Roy Bullock as an operative for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a conduit for Israel's Mossad, involved in illegal spying on American citizens, seven years before The New York Times acknowledged Bullock's ADL link. The ADL will never forgive Piper for his pivotal front-line role in unmasking Bullock.

Piper was the only journalist to assert — based on hard evidence — that the Oklahoma bombing was a Mossad "false flag" operation designed to implicate Saddam Hussein — a scheme derailed by U.S. investigators who rejected Israel's machinations, opting for a "lone nut" cover-up. Today, Piper's pioneering work on Israeli links to the 9-11 tragedy is echoed by truth seekers and, predictably, damned by defenders of Israel for its accuracy.

A few summary comments about Michael Collins Piper

Michael Piper has clearly shown tremendous personal and moral courage by going after the hardest stories in America.

He has relentlessly exposed forces of corruption and treason that threaten to utterly destroy this country from within. He honestly exposes terrible truths even when such truths are distasteful to the general public.

One proof of the excellence, depth, and honesty of his investigative journalism are the articles archived at this web site.

This man clearly deserves your attention.