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Volume XVI Number 3.....MayMay/June

An Amazing Underground Illustrated Tour
of the Most Infamous Camp of Them All

By Michael Collins Piper

There has been a great deal of important study by independent scholars in recent years examining so much of the misinformation -- and deliberate disinformation -- relating to the legendary World War II industrial complex in Poland remembered collectively and infamously as "Auschwitz." As a result of sensational modern-day media focus on Auschwitz -- which sometimes seems to be mentioned in the mainstream print and broadcast media on practically a daily basis -- our memory (however inaccurate) and our perception (however skewed) of "what happened" at Auschwitz is effectively at the core of so much of what is today recalled as "World War II history." In fact, the events of that war encompassed far more than the numbers who died -- or, as the case may be, did not die -- at Auschwitz. In short, those who have painted Auschwitz as being central to our understanding of the most devastating war of our experience have misdirected mankind's attention toward a rather parochial (and, in many ways, self-serving) aspect of modern history, a point of view that continues to direct the course of world affairs even today.

Now comes a remarkable study of Auschwitz absolutely unlike anything yet published. While most of what we "know" about Auschwitz comes from labored, repetitive and often tedious tomes that almost enthusiastically proclaim 6 million -- some even once said as much as 20 million -- victims of "the Holocaust," or from dramatic extravaganzas out of Hollywood or from sorrowful tales that appear on a steady basis in popular culture in one form or another, this is the first ever volume to assess Auschwitz from the foundation of what we truly do know to be solid history: facts about Auschwitz that contradict the stories surrounding its official "history" that have been told by on-the-site curators, tour guides and historians to the many thousands of tourists who have visited the hallowed grounds since 1945. The author, Carolyn Yeager, well-versed in the literature surrounding the notorious "must see" tourist site, visited Auschwitz and surveyed precisely what visitors are told -- and not told -- about its history. Her findings were instructive, to put it mildly. We thus have this profound work that literally proceeds to deconstruct Auschwitz, demonstrating that so much of what we have long believed about Auschwitz to be historical fact is far from reality and that much of what we should know about Auschwitz is not, in fact, told to us at all. And that which we are not told, as this volume judiciously details, paints Auschwitz in a markedly different light. This cautiously assembled work is both steady and provocative as it moves toward an unsettling conclusion -- real history, not legend -- that leaves us pondering how so much that is not true has somehow seeped into our consciousness as "fact."


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