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.Vol XIVII No. 22 II June 2, 2014II

Page 7, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * June 2, 2014 * Issue 22 *


Your Influence Counts – Use it!



By Michael Collins Piper



.Anyone who thinks paying attention to what goes on in Congress is not worth the time is fooling himself. Surprisingly, quite a few patriots think that way. They believe all is lost — that it’s a waste of effort for grassroots Americans to follow what’s happening on Capitol Hill in Washington.
However, the politically informed readers of AFP as well as the highest-level powers-that-be — and a vast array of other special interest groups — think otherwise. They understand Congress is the center of action as far as the American political arena is concerned. After all, myriad well-funded lobby groups of every description spend collectively hundreds of millions of dollars in aggressive efforts to have their way with Congress and get the legislation they want introduced and enacted or legislation they oppose shot down.
The list of such lobbies is endless and is signified most prominently by perhaps the most influential lobby of them all, the pro-Israel lobby. And the multiple factions of that lobby are directed by some of the most politically in-tune intriguers at work in Washington today.
So if the lobbyists for Israel see the need to focus on Capitol Hill and the legislation that is subject to congressional debate, there’s no question grassroots Americans who want to have a part in shaping the course of national affairs need to do likewise.
The truth is that legislation in Congress directly impacts every aspect of our lives and is at the core of business deals and government programs ultimately worth trillions of dollars.
It’s no accident that the big media — which shares interlocking ownership with powerful interests that have a vested stake in congressional action — suppress important news about what’s happening on Capitol Hill when it’s in their interest to do so. The plutocratic controllers of the media monopoly want Americans in the dark about what’s going on in Congress. This gives the big-money powers the ability to maintain a free reign in shaping both foreign and domestic policy to their ends.
That’s why it’s vital independent voices such as AFP exist to counter the continuing censorship of congressional news — and all other important news — Americans need to know about.
Right now, however, America’s grassroots have no existing center for legislative action. There is no organized, coordinated base of operations directing its attention toward legislation on Capitol Hill that is — or should be — of concern to American patriots or initiating measures that should be before Congress.
The last serious effort to achieve that aim was the establishment, in 1955, of LIBERTY LOBBY, the Capitol Hill-based populist institution created and developed by Willis A. Carto. He envisioned a virtual “united front” for a diverse array of groups, either directing their focus on already-existing legislation on Capitol Hill or working to get the right legislation introduced and enacted.
Combining education with coordinated grassroots efforts, LIBERTY LOBBY perfected a formula that proved successful time and again. And although forces hostile to its mission subjected LIBERTY LOBBY to a decade-long campaign of harassment resulting in its destruction in 2001, the institution’s legacy in the realm of populist-based legislative action stands unchallenged.
What remains to be seen is whether there will be an effort to convince middle class voters across the country that their influence counts, just as LIBERTY LOBBY did so effectively over the decades. Remember: Your influence counts. Use it!



. . ..Michael Collins Piper is the author of Final Judgment, the controversial “underground bestseller” documenting the collaboration of Israeli intelligence in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. He is also the author of The New Babylon, The High Priests of War, The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America , The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within, Dirty Secrets: Crime, Conspiracy & Cover-Up in the 20th Century, The GOLEM: Israel's Hell Bomb, and Target: Traficant. These works can be found at America First Books and FIRST AMENDMENT BOOKS: 1-888-699-NEWS. He has lectured on suppressed topics in places as diverse as Malaysia, Japan, Canada, Russia and Abu Dhabi.



(Issue Number 22; June 2, 2014, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)