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.American Free Press
.Vol X .#46 November 15,

Page 17, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * November 15, 2010 * Issue 46 AMERICAN FREE PRESS

Post-Newsweek Portrays
Palin as Divine Choice

By Michael Collins Piper

.AMERICAN FREE PRESS (AFP) astounded many — on both the “left” and the “right” — with its no-holds-barred report, The Power Behind Sarah Palin, demonstrating that Palin’s political and financial fortunes have been enthusiastically advanced by the “liberal” Washington Post- Newsweek media empire in collaboration with the “conservative” Fox media combine of Rupert Murdoch.
AFP still stands alone in having drawn attention to the ambiguity of the “liberal” Post-Newsweek combo being a force behind Palin — a point many grassroots liberals and conservatives alike seem unable to understand, captivated as they are by the phony “liberal-conservative” paradigm advanced by the controlled media.
The key here is that both the Post-Newsweek and Murdoch conglomerates have deep, long-standing ties to the tentacles of the Rothschild banking dynasty.
To further affirm AFP’s contention, Newsweek came back on June 21 with a remarkable cover story about Palin entitled “Saint Sarah.” Subtitled “What Palin’s appeal to conservative Christian women says about feminism and the future of the religious right,” the article featured an attractive cover portrait of Palin looking heavenward with her hands together as if in prayer.
Then, inside the magazine, on the contents page, Newsweek featured an appealing full-page picture of Palin, wearing a baseball-style cap affixed with a cross, accompanied by a large-type legend reporting: “To some, Palin is a prophet, ordained by God for a special role in the cosmic battle against the forces of evil.”
The actual article begins with a two-page spread featuring a lady’s hand reaching up to heaven with bright lights and pink crosses in the background, with the big title “Saint Sarah,” underscored by the bald statement (repeating the earlier claim) that “To white evangelical women, Sarah Palin is a modern-day prophet, preaching God, flag and family — while remaking the religious right in her own image.”
Throughout the article are pictures of wholesome wives and mothers with children praying, reaching out enthusiastically to Palin, etc. One actually shows a woman’s head bowed before Palin, as if she is about to kiss Palin’s ring. Readers who doubt these descriptions may consult that issue of Newsweek for themselves.
The entire tone of the article suggested — as other Post-Newsweek reports have hinted in the past — that Palin is effectively the new “leader” of America’s women — a “post-feminist feminist.” She has emerged as a preeminent power over what has been known as “the religious right.”
Actually, the article’s theme was not so much a report of what is, but rather what the Post-Newsweek empire desires. That is, the Post-Newsweek controllers are trying to place Palin in the leadership position they are describing.
Newsweek has been unrelenting in its Palin promotion. The Oct. 4 issue came back with a roar, featuring a cover story entitled “The Bear Truth” and subtitled “Will the ‘mama grizzlies’ really protect America’s kids?” using terminology crafted by Palin to describe herself as a mother grizzly bear looking out for America’s young people. The cover of the magazine featured pictures of Palin and three other prominent and undeniably good-looking female Republican candidates: Christine O’Donnell, candidate for the Senate in Delaware; Nikki Haley, candidate for the governorship of South Carolina, and Rep. Michele Bachmann (Minn.).
All three women are dressed in red. Newsweek’s editors did not select these photographs by accident. In advertising, the color red is considered eye-catching and figuratively inflaming.
Inside the magazine, Newsweek featured a two-page spread of an illustration of “mama grizzlies” with their cubs surrounded by bumper stickers and campaign signs including ones proclaiming “Palin/President ’12.” Two subsequent pictures accompanying the story were similar: a mama bear baring her paws and wearing a “Sarah Palin 2012” button and another of a mama bear in an eye-catching forest decorated with a “Sarah Palin 2012” campaign signs alongside signs for other female GOP candidates.
In short, this issue of Newsweek was essentially another promotion of Sarah Palin for president. If this were advertising instead of “news,” it would have cost Palin or her backers a fortune.
On Oct. 7, The Washington Post devoted a page of its Sunday opinion section to Matthew Continetti, the opinion editor of Zionist billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s Weekly Standard, who promptly shot down what he said were five “myths” about Palin:
That 1) she cost John McCain the 2008 election; 2) she made a mistake resigning as Alaska’s governor before her term was over; 3) she and her tea party supporters are destroying the GOP; 4) she is “extreme”; and 5) she is “unelectable.”
Continetti emphasized that, before he was elected president, GOP icon Ronald Reagan was called “extreme” and “unelectable.” This echoed previous over-the-top commentary by other Palin promoters in the Post calling Palin “the new Ronald Reagan.”
That the Post would hand a Standard henchman the opportunity to promote Palin is not so surprising, considering the fact that both the Post and the Standard — one “liberal” and the other “conservative”—have been acting as Palin cheerleaders for several years. In fact, the Standard’s editor, William Kristol, the neo-conservative warmonger and Bilderberg figure, is known to have been the prime mover behind Palin’s placement on the 2008 ticket. As a recent Vanity Fair article noted, he is in close contact with Palin, one of her chief advisors.
Ironically, Kristol’s Standard deputy, Continetti, authored a pro-Palin puff book, The Persecution of Sarah Palin: How the Elite Media Tried to Bring Down a Rising Star. Considering the elite media’s actual promotion of Palin, this is clearly a falsely titled book. 




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(Issue #46, November 15, 2010, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)