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.Vol IX .#43 October 26,

Page 10, AMERICAN FREE PRESS * October 26, 2009 * Issue 43 AMERICAN FREE PRESS

The original caption for this picture read: “A Palestinian boy walks by a United Nations school in Gaza City, Gaza strip on Monday. A senior Hamas official says a U.N. plan to teach Palestinian children about the Holocaust serves the Zionist colonizers and deals with their hypocrisy and lies. An Israeli official criticized the remarks.”


'Conservative' Rags
Obsess Over Israel,

Is defending Zionist malfeasance, carrying
on about `Jewish suffering' more impor-
tant than U.S. problems?

By Michael Collins Piper


.To read two of the leading “mainstream” conservative publications operating today, one would think that among the most important issues of the day are promoting the interests of the state of Israel and commemorating the Holocaust. Forget about current events, the economy, immigration, joblessness. Israel and the Holocaust are “the news.”
Take The Washington Times, the conservative daily newspaper in the nation’s capital, one which is considered “must” reading in Republican Party circles. Published by Korean cult leader Sun Myung Moon, the Times regularly displays a blatant, over-the-top infatuation with promulgating pro-Israel propaganda and repetitious coverage of Holocaust-related historical material as “news.” Here are just a few examples that popped up in major stories sprawling across the pages of the Times in hardly more than two weeks time:
• In its “Briefing/Middle East” news section, on Aug. 26, the Times headlined “Morocco in the Middle: King chooses different tack in attitude about Holocaust,” and hailed the fact that the king of Morocco is introducing “Holocaust education” into Morocco’s schools.
• In its “Briefing/Europe” news section, onAug. 31, the Times headlined “World War II Wounds Linger: Pain of Hitler attack lives on 70 years later,” reviving memories of World War II and “the Holocaust” as though the subjects had ever been forgotten.
• In its “World” news section on September 1, the Times proclaimed in the lead story “Holocaust lessons ripped,” and bemoaned the fact that leaders of the Palestinian faction in Gaza known as Hamas objected to the proposed introduction (by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency) of Holocaust studies into the school cur- riculum of students in Gaza.
• In its “Briefing/Europe” news section, on Sept. 7, the Times headlined “Struggling with the past: Poles, Jews coming to terms with awful history,” again repeating—as though it is current news—the tragedies ofWorldWar II.
So what is being painted as “news” is not really that, but, instead, a focus—in one way or another—on the standard propaganda line emanating from the spinmeisters in Tel Aviv, aided and abetted by their allies in the Western media, particularly in the conservative circles surrounding The Washington Times newspaper. Then consider the similar focus of Human Events, a Washington Times-allied national conservative weekly that was often touted as “Ronald Reagan’s favorite newspaper,” and which, in fact, is an influential voice in self-styled “conservative” circles that are instrumental in dictating Republican Party policies. The issue of Human Events dated for “the week of September 28, 2009” is especially revealing.
One of its front-page stories headlined “Obama makes U.S. taxpayers bail out foreigners,” goes on at length (and rightly so) about U.S. tax dollars bailing out foreign banks and other foreign financial interests, but never once does Human Events mention the fact that every year untold billions of U.S. taxpayers’ dollars go directly into the coffers of the state of Israel, whose inhabitants (thanks to the infu- sion of U.S. money) have one of the highest standards of living on the face of the planet, but also that additional billions of dollars go to Egypt as part of the arrangement (hammered out by the United States) for Egypt to be friendly toward Israel.
That same issue of Human Events also features a vicious article by one Robert Spencer whose hysterical Muslim-bashing prose is a not-so-thinly veiled promotional piece for his own book, Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran, the Koran being the holy book of Islam.
It stretches the imagination to think that Human Events would ever promote the writings of an author of a book entitled Complete Goy’s Guide to the Talmud, referring, of course, to the term “goy” (which means “cattle” or “beast” and which is a Jewish term for non-Jews and to the Talmud, (the Jewish holy book which teaches, among other things, that Jesus Christ was not the son of God but rather the son of a Roman soldier named Panthera and a hair-dresser-turned-prostitute named Miriam).
As if to drive home its point, that same issue of Human Events features a wildly favorable review of a new book by George Gilder—a cousin of the Rockefeller family of Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission fame—entitled The Israel Test.
The review is headlined “Israel: a victim of its success and superiority,” and declares that the book “demands the attention of anyone seriously concerned with the future of our civilization as we know it.” The book and the review make it clear that in per-capita innovation (and virtually everything else, if the writers are to be believed) “Israel dwarfs all nations.”
Nowhere is it pointed out, as noted earlier, that Israel’s vaunted success has only to do with the fact that its own wealth stems from massive welfare payments from the United States, the very kind of public dole that conservatives, like those at Human Events, have railed about for generations, at least when the public dole is meant for Americans, rather than Israelis.
And unless readers of Human Events—or you—have missed the point, Human Events included in that issue a special Human Events renewal subscription form that offered three books for those who renewed their subscription to the conservative weekly.

The first book offered is the aforementioned Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran. The second is The Rise of Nuclear Iran, by former Israel Ambassador to the United Nations Dore Gold, preaching the necessity for a war against Iran, and the third is yet another work by Gold entitled The Fight for Jerusalem, explaining that the Holy City of Jerusalem must always be controlled and dominated by the Jews and Israel: essentially saying, “Christians welcome to visit but don’t preach the words of your Jesus. And you Muslims keep your distance.”
If you want standard boilerplate Israeli propaganda and official news about the Holocaust,* you don’t even have to subscribe to Israeli newspapers to get it. All you need are The Washington Times and Human Events.

* For a look at the Holocaust from a Revisionist perspective, we recommend THE BARNES REVIEW’s “All-Holocaust Issue.” It’s been expanded, updated and perfect bound. This special 2009 edition will be available in early November we have been guaranteed. Send $10 for this 112-page special 2009 edition to TBR, P.O. Box 15877, Washington, D.C. 20003



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(Issue #43, October 26, 2009, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)