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.American Free Press
.Vol VIII .#46 November 17,


ADL Muddies Waters
of 2008 Financial Crisis

By Michael Collins Piper


.The Anti-Defamation League has been caught in another bald-faced lie. In a recent press release published on the Internet and circulated to news sources here and around the globe, the ADL—an illegally unregistered lobby for Israel and an asset of Israel’s intelligence arm, the Mossad—asserted that a website sponsored by THE BARNES REVIEW (a bimonthly Revisionist history journal) has claimed that untold billions of dollars were siphoned off by the Lehman Brothers investment bank and hidden in banks in Israel just prior to Lehman going belly up.
While the basic thesis regarding the allegation about Lehman could be true—considering the historic criminal misdeeds and financial shenanigans of Lehman, coupled with the close ties of the firm to families and financial interests in Israel and those in America sympathetic to Israel—the fact is that: 1) there is no documentation for the story; and 2) THE BARNES REVIEW played no part in creating or distributing the story which has been picked up (and frequently in garbled fashion) on the Internet.
Although versions of the story (which also did not originate with THE BARNES REVIEW) have incorporated another report altogether—one written by Bloomberg News journalist Linda Sandler. But Mrs. Sandler’s original story did not reference the transfer of any funds from Lehman to banks in Israel.
While the website that originated the undocumented story has a name similar to that of THE BARNES REVIEW, it is not sponsored or endorsed by THE BARNES REVIEW and the ADL knows that. However, the ADL continued promoting the fallacious claims about the bimonthly revisionist journal.
The ADL hopes to divert public attention from the truth about the ongoing financial crisis—which does involve financial institutions with definitive Israeli ties—by promoting an unproven story and thereafter “knocking it down.” This has been a standard ADL tactic for many years.
The ADL is particularly sensitive to reports regarding financial misdeeds, especially since—during the infamous savings and loan debacle of the 1980s—eye-opening inside reports by the late international journalist Andrew St. George (featured in The Spotlight—the forerunner to American Free Press) demonstrated that much of the stolen money extracted from many of the “bankrupt” savings and loans were, in fact, channeled into off-shore accounts controlled by Israeli intelligence and used to fund Israel’s super-secret program to build nuclear weapons of mass destruction.
This came on the heels of other revelations—many pioneered by St. George in The Spotlight—that vast sums from the equally infamous Iran-contra affair (involving illegal covert arming of the Nicaraguan contras) were also mishandled by Israeli-connected banks and intelligence operatives who were, in turn, collaborating with narcotics-smuggling operations in Central and South America.
So while it is entirely conceivable that—today— American financial institutions have secreted funds in Israel and in Israeli-connected offshore accounts, the story has never been documented and THE BARNES Review had no part whatsoever in circulating the undocumented story, the ADL’s blatant lies notwithstanding.

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(Issue #46, November 17, 2008, AMERICAN FREE PRESS)